ASMIRT 2023: Nicholas Outterside Award Winners


ASMIRT 2023: Nicholas Outterside Award Winners

ASMIRT is proud to announce the recipients of our annual awards and prizes, presented at the ASMIRT 2023 Conference. Congratulations to all our winners, and thank you for your commitment and dedication to the Society.

Cherry Agustin

Cherry Agustin has made consistent impactful contributions to the Society, as well as the broader radiation sciences industry. She has provided knowledge and expertise to advise Advistory Committees and the Board of Directors. Cherry has contributed to key ASMIRT documents, as well as events as an expert speaker, facilitator and organiser. For the last 20 years, Cherry has been deeply involved in the education and training of medical imaging proffessionals, all the while developing and publishing outstanding original research in medical imaging sciences.

Antony Buxton

Over many years of service, Antony Buxton has been passionately involved in the service of the Society and its members while supporting the NSW/ACT State Branch and multiple Committees and Reference Groups. He regularly attends, presents, and chairs sessions at local conferences, and notably, the annual ASMIRT conference. Tony has been an active radiography educator for over 30 years, and impressively and implemented the Diagnostic Radiography Degree at the University of Newcastle which continues today as the largest provider across the sector. Further, Tony has developed and published a range of significant research in MRS.

Andrew Kilgour

Dr Kilgour has made remarkable achievements to the radiography field for over 30 years. He has actively been involved in the Society and the NSW/ACT State banch, having served on a number of Committees and Reference Groups. He regularly facilitates, organises, and presents at ASMIRT events while being a leading reviewer of JMRS. Andrew has maintained a strong passion for education and workplace training, consistently conributing to the tradition of radiography while attainining numerous academic qualifications himself. Dr. Kilgour has contributed greatly to outstanding research in radiography, having produced over 10 research publications in 10 years.