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Research is one of the foundation stones of the Medical Radiations Profession. It underpins the high-quality care Medical Radiation Practitioners (MRPs) deliver on a daily basis. The ASMIRT Research Committee are committed to supporting and strengthening the conduct of research amongst all MRPs.  

The ASMIRT Research Committee have carefully collated and developed a series of resources, frequently asked questions, helpful links, and contacts to assist ASMIRT members of all experience levels, from novice to advanced researchers, to continue to build a strong research culture within the profession. 

The ASMIRT Research Committee hope that these resources can help you start, reinvigorate, or further support your research journey.

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The Australia Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (ASMIRT) encourages and supports relevant research to improve patient outcomes.
Distribution of requests to ASMIRT members seeking participants for research projects, or surveys will be facilitated upon application and approval by the ASMIRT research committee. Advertisements will be distributed through ASMIRT communication channels via the national eNews and targeted emails to selected state groups.
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Australian and New Zealand Medical Radiations Research Network – ANZMRRN


Meet the members of ANZMRRN – the Australian and New Zealand Medical Radiations Research Network


The goal of the Australian and New Zealand Medical Radiations Research Network (ANZMRRN) is to bring medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals together in all aspects of research.

ANZMRRN aims to be a central meeting space for radiation researchers whether novice or expert, across Australia and New Zealand. It is a place to share ideas, to find research resources, to offer help and expertise to colleagues and above all to collaborate.

ANZMRRN is committed to continually improving and advancing radiation therapy and medical imaging practices through innovative and exploratory scientific, clinical and professional research that touches all aspects of our practice. Their goal is to increase high quality medical radiations, MRI and sonography research to add to the scientific literature in order to improve diagnosis and treatment outcomes for our patients.

This web space provides assistance across the spectrum of researchers from novice through to the more experienced. Useful online resources such as research process flow charts and statistical tools will be immediately accessible to all whether in a public or private metropolitan hospital or rural setting.

Visit the ANZMRRN website to learn more.