ASMIRT offers a broad range of certification options. See below to learn more about MRI, CT, Angiography (Cardiac and Vascular), Preliminary Image Evaluation (PIE), Mammography and MR in RT.

2023 Exam Dates

MonthDatesRegistration PeriodLink to Register
February 20th-26th5th Dec 2022 – 22nd January  Closed
July 3rd-9th 1st – 28th May  
October 23rd-29th 14th August – 10th September 

Certification Options

CT – Computerised Tomography 


CT Intermediate Level Certification

Comprises a theoretical certification examination 
(Part A) and a clinical component (Part B).

Additional information is available in the Computerised Tomography Policies and Procedures Manual and CT Intermediate Course Syllabus Guide.

For any questions, please email ct@asmirt.org 

MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MRI Level 1 Certification

Comprises a theoretical certification examination 
(Part A) and a clinical component (Part B).

MRI certification is available in Level 1 and Level 2. The two levels denote the experience level of the applicant. Level 1 must be undertaken and current before Level 2. Level 2 is optional.  

MRI Policies and Procedures Manual

MRI level 1 Syllabus and Exam Guidelines

For any questions, please email MRI@asmirt.org 

Cardiac and Vascular Angiography


Comprises a theoretical certification examination 
(Part A) and a clinical component (Part B).

Additional information is available in the Cardiacor  Vascular Policies and Procedures Manuals. 

*Angiography Course Syllabus Guide – Cardiac  
*Angiography Course Syllabus Guide – Vascular 

For any questions, please email angio@asmirt.org 

Preliminary Image Evaluation (PIE)

The examination is designed to test the candidate’s ability to evaluate case study images in both the acute Emergency Department setting and the acute High Dependency / Intensive Care Unit environment. The successful candidate will need to be able to differentiate the difference between a normal and abnormal case study, and where the case study is abnormal, the region of the body and identify the pathology.

PIE Study Guide and Examination Criteria – December 2021 

For any questions please contact certification@asmirt.org


Certificate of Mammographic Practice (CMP)

To gain a Certificate of Mammographic Practice (CMP) the applicant must have undertaken an ASMIRT credentialed mammography course. The application must be made on the appropriate form and the certification is for 3 years.

Renewal of the Certification needs to be on the appropriate form and accompanied by the necessary documents (highlighting mammography activities) to demonstrate satisfactory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) within the speciality, in addition to satisfactory demonstration of relevant clinical involvement in breast mammography.

ASMIRT Policies and Procedures Certificate of Mammographic Practice (CMP) 2022 

For any questions, please email cmp@asmirt.org 


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Examination Study Plan
Preliminary Image Evaluation - Learn more about Preliminary Image Evaluation by listening to Michael Fuller’s informative video – Floating the PIE – on the value of taking this new exam and the history of the program’s creation.
Certificate of Mammographic Practice:
Example of completed CMP form
ASMIRT Guidelines Breast Imaging Credentialling 2021 
Changes to CCPM dates – Oct 2018
PGMI Digital Image Reference Set
British Journal of Radiography or read the flipbook
Certification Application Forms Certification Renewal Forms
MRI Level 1 MRI Level 1 
Angiography-Cardiac Angiography - Cardiac
Angiography - Vascular  Angiography - Vascular 
MR in RT - coming soon PIE - coming soon
CMP MR in RT - coming soon
Other Forms
MRI Level 2 Application
MRI Level 2 Renewal
Time Extension Application
Exam Supervisor Declaration


There are no requirements in Australia for holding a MRI level 1/ level 2 certification. This Certification is not a qualification like a Master’s degree which has no clinical requirement, but rather a program that ensures a level of knowledge that is measurable and common across Australia.
This will be considered by ASMIRT as extenuating circumstances. To apply for special consideration to renew without resitting the exam (Part A), it is recommended that a detailed submission providing reasons for missing the renewal of your certification is submitted. Additionally, a letter from your manager detailing your MRI experience over the last 3 years since working in MRI must also be provided as supporting documentation.
The ASMIRT MRI Level 1 Certification examination is available to all medical radiation practitioners. Examinations are held online in the workplace with an ASMIRT approved supervisor.