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Carolyn Heyes

Carolyn Heyes

 ASMIRT President




  • President’s Message November 2019
    “… as I look back over the achievements of the organisation, I am reminded of the work done by all the wonderful volunteers around the country”
  • President’s Message September 2019
    “I can look back at what we have achieved – and look forward to what is still to come”
  • President’s Message July 2019
    “While we strive for diversity on the Board, we work even harder to ensure it is enshrined in our expert member representative groups”
  • President’s Message May 2019
    The changes to the advisory structure are still in progress with calls for expressions of interest for four reference groups in train and others to follow
  • President’s Message March 2019
    The Board is also aware that there may be specific questions that may not be able to be addressed by either the Lead Committees or the reference groups and therefore will form working parties as needed
  • President’s Message January 2019
    At the start of 2019, I would like to thank all members of panels and state branches for their responsiveness to the many and varied documents sent to them in 2018


  • President’s Message November 2018
    This has been a year of great transformation for ASMIRT and we thank you, our members, for working with us through these changes
  • President’s Message October 2018
    Research underpins our practice. All radiographers and radiation therapists strive to provide safe, high quality service to their patients
  • President’s Message September 2018
    Welcome to the September issue of Spectrum, your member magazine.
  • President’s Message August 2018
    Welcome to the August issue of Spectrum, your member magazine
  • President’s Message July 2018
    I would like to use this message to say a big thank you to all the State Branch Executives and Board Directors who gave up a precious weekend in May to meet face-to-face in Melbourne for our annual meeting
  • President’s Message June 2018
    This month’s issue of Spectrum features articles on the awards presented at ASMIRT 2018, which was held in Canberra in March
  • President’s Message April-May 2018
    I’ve been involved with our professional body for most of my career, in fact, as a student, it didn’t occur to me that there was an option not to be involved. I’ve been fortunate to work in departments that have a strong ASMIRT presence and to be surrounded by people in state branches who are actively engaged in their professional body and in advancing our professions.
  • President’s Message February 2018
    It is always a time to reflect on the year that has been and look forward to the year ahead. The last month or so leading up to the festive season was certainly busy. In mid-November our Chief Executive Sally Kincaid and I were able to share with our Western Australia members in their Rural Education Weekend in Bunbury.