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An Advanced Practitioner is defined as a professional who fulfils all aspects of the expectations for the ASMIRT Certified Practitioner and, additionally, demonstrates expertise across seven dimensions of practice, and is able to provide evidence of their advanced capability in each dimension. While the dimensions of practice are described individually, the Advanced Practitioner recognises their practice as holistic and is able to draw appropriately upon all aspects of their expertise to provide optimal, expert, contextual patient care.

How to apply for advanced practice credentialing – summary and guidelines: 

Pathway to Advanced Practice – Summary Document and Guidelines for Application for Credentialing – February 2017
Guidelines for the re credentialing of Advanced Practitioner 
Advanced Practice Application 2024
Advanced Practice Re-credentialing Application 2024

Are you working as an Advanced Practitioner?

Would you like this to be formally recognised by your professional body (ASMIRT), peers, colleagues and patients?

Applications are now sought for Advanced Practitioner certification.
A full breakdown of the relevant criteria and assessment methods can be found here, in the document Pathway to Advanced Practice.
If you fulfil the criteria, please submit your application addressed to the Advanced Practitioner Advisory Panel in the listed format.
All applications considered to meet the specified criteria will be assessed by three independent reviewers and, where considered successful, approval by APAP and the Board of Directors.
Every submission will need to be accompanied by an Advanced Practitioner Application Form.
For further information please contact

Advanced Practice Working Group

Discussion Paper: A Model of Advanced Practice in Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Therapy in Australia

– Summary Report (May 2009) 
– Full Report (May 2009) 

Advanced Practice Advisory Panel

Advanced Practice Advisory Panel Guidelines (August 2009) 


APAP response to the IPAT Recommendations

During 2013 the Advanced Practice Advisory Panel (APAP) has been working hard to devise a model of advanced practice which fulfils the requirements of the Inter-Professional Advisory Team (IPAT) report (Freckelton, 2012) and which will also be acceptable to all stakeholders. The full draft document, outlining definitions, background and suggested pathways towards achieving advanced practice is available here. I encourage all interested MRS professionals and stakeholders to consider the document and provide any relevant feedback to

Jill Harris

Chair, APAP

If you require further information, please contact