ASMIRT Scholarships


ASMIRT Scholarships

Each year ASMIRT (the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy) offers a range of scholarships to members as support while they undertake personal and professional development activities.

The scholarships available include:

NEW: Postgraduate Study Scholarship | applications are now open
International Travel Scholarships 
| applications are now open
Rural Clinical Placement Scheme | applications are now open
Research Scholarship | applications now open
Novice Researcher Scholarship 
| applications are now open
The Crestani Foundation Grant 
| applications are now open.

Scroll down to find the ASMIRT Scholarship you’re interested in, download, ensure you read the guidelines and complete the application form by the due date.

2022 Research ASMIRT Scholarship Recipients


Congratulations to the following recipients of the research scholarships.

Dr Karen Dobeli has been the successful recipient of the 2022 research scholarship for her project titled “3-Dimensional spectral CT analysis of body lesions: A pilot study.”

Spectral CT is a new CT technology that provides additional information on tissue characterisation. Early investigations suggest spectral CT analysis of incidental lesions can reduce the need for further investigations, however results have been inconsistent. This may be in part due to previous work being based on 2-dimensional sampling of lesions because sampling of a single thin slice of a lesion may not provide a true representation of the lesion’s tissue characteristics.

This retrospective single site pilot study will assess and compare the diagnostic accuracy of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional region of interest spectral CT analysis for characterising a lesion of the lung, breast, adrenal gland, pancreas or kidney as being benign or malignant.

Dr Vikneswary Batumalai has been awarded a research grant for her project titled “mRi vErSus cbct guided SABR fOr paNcreATic cancEr (RESONATE)”

There is currently a lack of studies assessing pancreatic cancer patient outcomes following MR imaging (MRI)-guided versus CBCT guided stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy (SABR). The RESONATE study will overcome this limitation. The primary aim of this study is to determine whether MRI-guided SABR improves patient outcomes when compared to CBCT-guided SABR among patients with LAPC. This retrospective study will investigate any differences in acute and late toxicity, local control, overall survival and disease-free survival following MRI-guided SABR versus CBCT-guided SABR.

This study will also provide high-level evidence to escalate access to MRI-guided SABR for pancreatic cancer and provide important data to guide future planned trials, including other tumour sites.

The novice researcher scholarship has been awarded to Katherine McCoombe for her project titled “Spectral CT Urogram imaging protocol optimisation.”

This research project aims to develop an optimal scan protocol for spectral computer tomography (CT) urography. The purpose of the research is to use new advances in imaging technology to reduce radiation dose to the patient, time on the CT scanner, and cost to the healthcare system associated with CT urography, the gold standard imaging test for patients with haematuria.

There is currently limited research on dual-energy CT (DECT) urogram protocols. There is no agreement amongst key authors as to the best method to optimise the parameters for DECT urogram to improve sensitivity rate of urinary calculi detection by the virtual unenhanced scan.

Little research has been done using the newly available detector-based spectral CT for urogram protocols.

The goal of this research is to optimise the spectral CT urogram protocol so that an initial non-contrast scan is no longer required because the virtual non-contrast scan is of sufficient quality to detect and characterise urinary calculi. This will significantly reduce the radiation dose, patient time on the CT scanner and costs to the health care system.

2022 Post Graduate Scholarship Recipients


Congratulations to the following recipients of the inaugural Post Graduate scholarships.

Josephine is a Radiation Therapist who is currently studying The Master of Health Professional Education at the Australian Catholic University as an online distance course.

Josephine is undertaking the Master of Health Professional Education to enhance and diversify the skills and knowledge required to be an effective Radiation Therapy Clinical Educator in professional practice. The knowledge and skills gained from this course will ensure the ability to adapt and evolve in the dynamic radiotherapy environment and enable the education of others with existing and new skills and techniques required for evidenced-based and high-quality patient care.

Pempe is an MRI Radiographer who has identified a need for new leaders in the industry, to provide new services such as MRI guided biopsies, intra-operative MRI and accessibility to these scanners.

Pempe is undertaking the Graduate Certificate in Health Leadership Management at the University of New South Wales to increase and supplement her prior studies in healthcare leadership for the purposes of continuous improvement within her scope of practice and to provide best patient care and services for her local community.


ASMIRT Postgraduate Study Scholarship
NEW! Postgraduate Study Scholarship 

ASMIRT is pleased to announce a new scholarship to support medical radiation practitioners to undertake postgraduate study to enhance skills and further develop knowledge within their discipline of practice. The successful applicants will be required to complete a study reflection report in the form of an ASMIRT National conference presentation and an article published in Spectrum and/or Journal of Medical Radiation Science (JMRS).

Applications are now open for study commencing in 2023 and will close Sunday 1 October 2023.

Download the ASMIRT Postgraduate Study Scholarship information flyer

Scholarship application resources:
To find out more, download the below documents and ensure you have read these first before completing your application.

ASMIRT Postgraduate Study Scholarship Guidelines
ASMIRT Postgraduate Study Scholarship Assessment Matrix 

How to apply:
1. Download the ASMIRT Postgraduate Study Application Form
2. Complete the application form and email this to our CPD team by no later than Sunday 1 October 2023 at

Have questions about this new scholarship?
Contact our friendly CPD team via email at

We look forward to receiving your applications.

ASMIRT International Travel Scholarships 

ASMIRT_InternationalTravelScholarship 2023Each year ASMIRT is pleased to offer four International Travel Scholarships to current members of ASMIRT. Two Early Career scholarships are offered for $3500 to Early Career ASMIRT members, one in diagnostic imaging/nuclear medicine and one in radiation therapy. Two $5000 scholarships are offered to Voting Members, one in diagnostic imaging/nuclear medicine and one in radiation therapy.

The aim of the scholarship is to assist ASMIRT members to experience medical radiation science on an international stage such as attendance at an international conference, participation in an international training program or the undertaking of small study tours.  Practitioners are encouraged to share their experiences with their colleagues on their return to Australia. Members who are interested in applying should keep an eye out for details in the July, August and September editions of Spectrum and on the website.  Guidelines and application information will be posted on the website from July each year.

International Travel Scholarship applications are now open, and will close Sunday 1 October 2023

ASMIRT Travel Scholarship Guidelines & Application – Early Career
ASMIRT Travel Scholarship Application form – Early Career 2023
ASMIRT Travel Scholarship Guidelines & Application – Financial Voting Member 2023
ASMIRT Travel Scholarship Application Form – Financial Voting Member 2023
Travel Scholarship Assessment Matrix 2023

Download the 2023 ASMIRT International Travel Scholarship poster

Due to COVID-19 and the inability to travel in 2020 and 2021, there will now be two sets of International Travel Scholarships offered for 2022.

2019 International Travel Scholarship Winners – Read more
Nicholas Gatehouse – Jacqueline Spurway – Katelyn Cahill
2017 International Travel Scholarship Winners – Read more 
Jodi Mitchell – Lloyd Smyth – Rebekah Onsley – Nancy Grull

ASMIRT Rural Clinical Placement Scheme | Applications are open now

ASMIRT Rural Clinic Placement Scheme 2023The Rural Clinical Placement Scheme is available one grant per calendar year for each university that offers Approved Undergraduate Medical Radiations Science programs in medical imaging and radiation therapy. Additional grants may be awarded to those States where additional applications have been received. Each grant is to the value of $500.00 and can be used by the recipient for the necessary travel and accommodation. The aim of the grant is to support and promote rural health initiatives.

The successful applicant is required to write a reflective report on the experience for publication by ASMIRT and be willing to participate in evaluation studies or surveys regarding allied health in the rural setting.
Applications should be made as soon as possible in each academic year.

Rural Clinical Placement Scheme Grant applications are now open
Semester 1 applications close 2 April 2023
Semester 2 applications close 3 September 2023

ASMIRT Rural Clinical Placement Scheme information and documents:

Download the ASMIRT Guidelines Rural and Remote Practitioners Reference Group – Rural Clinical Placement Scheme 2023

Rural and Remote Grant Application Form – Semester 1, 2023
Rural and Remote Grant Application Form – Semester 2, 2023

Download the 2023 ASMIRT Rural Clinical Placement Scheme Scholarship poster

Congratulations to the 2022 Rural Clinical Placement Scheme recipients:

Semester 1:

Nicole Chan
Emma Burke
Jessica Bentley
Kimberley Lowe
Tori Anderson
Georgie Gilmore

ASMIRT Research Scholarship | Applications are now open

ASMIRT Research Scholarship

ASMIRT (The Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy), through the Research Committee, offers research scholarships to enhance the research base within Medical Radiation Science.

ASMIRT will award up to two research scholarships per year in the fields of medical imaging and radiation therapy. Applications from nuclear medicine technologists will be assessed under the medical imaging category. Each of the reimbursement scholarships will be for up to a maximum of $10,000 (including GST). The scholarships are designed to encourage researchers to develop projects which will add to the body of knowledge of the Medical Radiation Science profession. The successful candidate will be required to publish the outcome of their work in the Journal of Medical Radiation Sciences or other peer reviewed journal and to present at the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy’s National Conference (ASMIRT).

Research Scholarship applications are now open, and will close Sunday 1 October 2023

Congratulations to the 2021 Research Scholarship recipients.

Research Scholarship winner 2021

Yobelli Jimenez for their project titled “Breathe in: Student radiographer podcast series”.  This project will develop and evaluate a podcast series, consisting of a combination of student-led and academic-led podcasts. The project aims to improve diagnostic radiography students’ short- and long-term experience of wellbeing during clinical placements, by fostering the importance of resilience and wellbeing as emerging health practitioners.  Results from this project will provide insights for the advancement of research in diagnostic radiography education by identifying innovative and flexible emotional support strategies.

Download the 2023 ASMIRT Research Scholarship poster

Research Scholarship winners 2016 – 2020 – download.

ASMIRT Research Scholarship May 2022  Application Form
ASMIRT Pre Assessment Matrix Research Scholarship May 2022

ASMIRT Novice Researcher Scholarship | Applications now open

ASMIRT Novice Researcher Scholarship 2023

ASMIRT is offering a Novice Researcher Scholarship for up to a maximum of $5000 (including GST), specifically for medical radiation science professionals new to research.

Novice Researcher Scholarship applications are now open, and will close Sunday 3 October 2023

Novice Researcher Scholarship 2021 winner

Mikaela Doig for their project titled “Development and clinical implementation of a digital platform for patient reported health-related quality of life assessment in paediatric radiation therapy”.  This project aims to address the current gaps in knowledge by implementing and investigating the effect of a novel digital platform to collect patient reported health related quality of life (HRQoL) assessments in paediatric radiation therapy patients. This novel study will fill an urgent clinical need to include HRQoL assessment into routine paediatric oncology care. Additionally, longitudinal analysis of results produced by the platform can be used to compare proton and photon HRQoL outcomes of this vulnerable patient cohort.

Scholarship information and documents:

ASMIRT Novice Researcher Scholarship May 2022 Application Form
ASMIRT Pre Assessment Matrix Novice Researcher Scholarship May 2022
ASMIRT Guidelines Novice Researcher Scholarship and Research Scholarship May 2022

Download the 2023 ASMIRT Novice Researcher Scholarship poster

Crestani Foundation Grant | Applications now open

This grant is offered by the Crestani Foundation (managed by the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy).  The Crestani Foundation Grant is awarded annually to a Radiation Therapy graduate for assistance with the costs of research projects, CPD activities or further education which enables contributions to better patient outcomes. This Grant is worth up to $2000. Early career graduates in radiation therapy are encouraged to apply.

Applications are now open. Read the guidelines and apply by 3 February 2023.

ASMIRT Guidelines Crestani Foundation Grant
Crestani Foundation Grant Application Form 2022
Crestani Foundation Grant Pre assessment and Matrix

Download and promote the Crestani Foundation poster

Congratulations to the 2021 recipient of the Crestani Foundation grant – Amelia Brink.  Amelia will be utilising the grant to undertake the QUT MRI for Radiation Therapist course.

Congratulations to the 2022 recipient of the Crestani Foundation grant – Yiota Nicolaou. 

Yiota will be utilising the grant to undertake a virtual reality project in regional Victoria.

This project will provide head and neck patients a guided experience into the mask making and simulation process.


For all enquiries regarding Scholarships, please contact the ASMIRT Professional Standards Manager, Min Ku, at