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A-SMART way to help employers find graduates ready for work and graduates looking for work

About ASMIRT Job Connect

First established in 2022, ASMIRT Job Connect has been designed to assist the graduating student membership with transitioning from university to the workplace. This then potentially allows them to find workplace employment in the following year.

The concept is to establish a connection with our student members who will be graduating in this calendar year and employers nationally who are in the marketplace for base grade staff.

Employers: It’s your turn!

If you’re looking for base grade staff who are ready to work in 2023, ASMIRT can help.

Our Job Connect program provides opportunities for employers to connect with graduates who are looking for workplace employment in 2023 as medical radiation practitioners.

We recently put a call out to students completing their fourth-year undergraduate program and those completing their Supervised Practice Program to apply to become part of this program.

We had a fabulous response nationally and we’re now looking to implement the next phase of this program.

We’re now looking for employers who are interested in a different way of finding base grade staff in 2023 to be part of this program and we’d like you to be involved.

Benefits to employers looking for base grade staff:

  • Access to this targeted employee group. This eliminates applications from national and international non-medical radiation professionals which can occur when advertising on open ended employment portals.

  • There is an opportunity to also build a personalised state-wide employee contact database, which can be used in subsequent years to advertise future employment opportunities. 

Please note: There is an administrative fee charged for this service.

How to find out more and get involved:

Contact Alan Malbon, our Job Connect program facilitator on

How it works

ASMIRT would require those student members who are completing the fourth year of their under-graduate course to complete an application form (via an internal Survey Monkey format with drop down menus) asking for the following information.

  • Name
  • Email Address (Personal email address not a university email address)
  • Radiation Discipline (Imaging / Therapy / Nuclear Medicine)
  • Graduating University
  • The state / territory in which you would primarily wish to be employed in.
  • Another state / territory in which you would also consider to be employed in, as an alternative.

Once the application form has been completed, the data obtained would be placed into the various state / territory employment spreadsheets, under the three different medical radiation science disciplines for employers to gain access to.

All students are required to be a member of ASMIRT to apply, and ASMIRT student membership is free to join, click here.

ASMIRT stresses that by completing the application form the graduating student member is consenting to their personal email address being distributed to a number of potential employers and recruiters who are interested in employing medical radiation science graduates in a particular State or Territory.

Benefits to graduating student members who apply:

  • The access to all potential employers in each state / territory who are seeking base grade staff.
  • The opportunity to build a personalised state / territory wide contact database, which can be used as a starting point if the graduating student member decides to look for an employment opportunity in the future, even before those employers start to advertise.


For more information, queries or feedback about this program (either students or employers) contact:

Alan Malbon
ASMIRT Diagnostic Imaging Project Officer

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