IAFR Webinar – Introduction to Forensic Anthropology and Archaeology


IAFR Webinar – Introduction to Forensic Anthropology and Archaeology

30 Jun 2021, 20:00 - 30 Jun 2021, 21:30

The ANZ Branch of the International Association of Forensic Radiographers (IAFR) are proud to present two online webinars on Forensic Anthropology and Archaeology in June and July. Forensic anthropology and archaeology are fields which run closely alongside forensic imaging but are often misunderstood or overlooked when we think of the radiography world. While Forensic anthropologists and archaeologists can often be found working synchronously to search for, recover and identify human remains, there are very different objectives and skills involved.

These webinars will help forensic radiographers understand more about forensic anthropology and forensic archaeology, explain some of the techniques used and discuss how imaging is playing a role in these fields. IAFR also introduce their wonderful speakers Nick and Donna, who both have a wealth of experience in the field of archaeology and anthropology and will share their work and experiences with us.

Join IAFR on 30 June 8pm AEST with Dr Nicholas Marquez-Grant for an Introduction to Forensic Anthropology and Archaeology: Context for Radiographers. A lecturer at Cranfield University since 2013, Nicholas has wide ranging experience as a forensic archaeologist working with human skeletal remains from Prehistoric to early 20th century sites in the UK, Spain, France and Portugal. From 2008 to 2013 Nicholas worked full time as a forensic anthropologist and archaeologist for two major forensic science providers in the UK – LGC Forensics and Cellmark Forensic Services – attending crime scenes and mortuaries for a number of police forces in England and Wales.

Registration for is free for IAFR members, $10 for ASMIRT/NZMIRT members and $20 for non-members.

SAVE THE DATE: On the 28 July IAFR will have Donna MacGregor presenting Forensic Anthropology in the Field.  More information can be found on iafr.org.uk/events or the ANZ IAFR Facebook group


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