Clinical Training


Supervised Practice Program

Supervised Practice Program (SPP) graduate and centre enrolment via the ASMIRT officially closed on 1 November 2014.

All graduates and supervisors wanting to participate in the Intern SPP from 1 November 2014 will need to contact, as this program is now being run and managed by AHPRA.

Further information regarding AHPRA’s Supervised Practice Program can be found here. 


The Professional Development Year (PDY) and National Professional Development Programme (NPDP) have been replaced by the Supervised Practice Program which is now run by the Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia.

Further information about the Supervised Practice Program can be found here.

Enquiries can be directed through to

If you would like to become a member of the ASMIRT to receive indemnity insurance during or after your intern year, please visit the membership webpage for more information.

Victorian Intern Match

ASMIRT is no longer assisting the PMCV (Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria) and the Department of Victoria’s Health and Human Services Workforce in the Medical Radiations computer match from 2016 onwards.

All enquiries should be directed through to or you can contact them directly on +61 3 9670 1066.