Survey: Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging


Survey: Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging

With the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) in radiography and nuclear medicine, it is very important that as a profession we understand the opinions, perceptions, insights and barriers associated with AI.

Your insights are crucial in developing a complete national picture and understanding which is why this survey is endorsed by our key professional bodies ASMIRT and RAINS. We appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey and we have made it as straightforward as possible (box checking) to glean as much insight with minimal impost on your precious time.

The purpose of this research is to understand the attitudes, applications and concerns among nuclear medicine and radiography professionals in regards to the rapidly emerging applications of AI within the industry. Participation is completely voluntary and anonymous, no personal information will be requested and there is no way to identify individuals who do or do not participate. But your participation would be appreciated and help get an accurate insight into the AI landscape.

Download the information sheet – we ask you read this before progressing to the survey.

The research is being conducted (full contact details are contained in the information sheet) by academic staff at Charles Sturt University:

Prof Geoff Currie (,
Johnathan Hewis (,
Tarni Nelson (

Please use the above QR code or below link to complete the survey online: