Meet your Student Ambassador Chairs for 2021


Meet your Student Ambassador Chairs for 2021

ASMIRT’s National Student Ambassadors are here to help support our student members; linking them to their professional body, helping them network with other students and professionals, keeping them engaged with great events and much more. Student members are encouraged to reach out to their state’s Ambassador if they have any questions about ASMIRT, scholarships, events, social media and getting involved in the Student Committee.

But who are they? Read on to learn more about your 2021 appointees…

2021 Student Ambassador Chairs

NameYolanda Gomes
PositionSA/NT Student Ambassador Co-Chair
UniversityUniversity of South Australia
Course & Year levelFourth year Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Medical Imaging) (Honours)
I joined ASMIRT as a student member in my first year, after hearing about it during Orientation day. I was eager to network with students and professionals and learn more about the medical radiation community and the empowering work ASMIRT does for its members. Hence, I became a student ambassador in my second year and have proudly represented ASMIRT for 2 years, by engaging in exciting student-led events and promoting its practices to the student body. I am very fortunate to serve as Co-Chair Ambassador for SA/NT this year and look forward to the opportunities this will bring!

NameWilliam Ransome
PositionSA/NT Student Ambassador Co-Chair
UniversityUniversity of South Australia
Course & Year levelFourth year Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Medical Imaging) (Honours)
I joined the ASMIRT student committee to be more involved in the medical radiations field. The committee has provided me the opportunity to further my networks and also make friends with and be surrounded by other likeminded people.

NameKate Dahlenburg 
PositionNSW Student Ambassador Chair
UniversityCharles Sturt University Wagga Wagga
Course & Year levelFourth Year Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Medical Imaging)
I have been involved in the ASMIRT NSW Student Committee since 2019 after I had heard about the Society from one of my university lecturers. I was then fortunate enough to be appointed to NSW Student Chair for 2020, and once again in the final year of my degree in 2021. Being involved in ASMIRT has given me the opportunity to grow professionally and network with students and professionals all over the country – and I now have some great friendships owed to these experiences!

NameWilson Pan
PositionVIC Student Ambassador Chair
UniversityRMIT University
Course & Year levelBachelor of Applied Science (Medical Imaging) – Intern
I have been involved in ASMIRT as well as the Student Committee after hearing about it from a lecturer in my first year of my degree. Being on the student committee has been a rewarding experience, allowing me to network with not just other students across each different university, but also professionals in the workforce, as well as allowing for personal and professional development along the way. Collaborating with many like-minded people over the years has been a wonderful experience and has enhanced my passion for the profession, creating unforgettable friendships and memories!

NameFraser Marshall
PositionWA Student Ambassador Chair
UniversityCurtin University
Course & Year level Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science, Year 3
I joined ASMIRT to help bring about positive development and innovation to the WA MRS student experience, as well as a sense of community and belonging to both radiography and radiation therapy students across all learning years. I aim to bridge the gap between student and working life, as well as developing professional relationships within both the MRS and interprofessional work environments. 2021 marks the first year of the WA branch of ASMIRT student committees, and I wish to embody and display the professional characteristics that will act as a benchmark for future students. I have a desire to help people, whether that be a fellow student or a patient, and being an ASMIRT student ambassador will assist me with this calling.

NameLily Crick
PositionQLD Student Ambassador Chair
Course & Year levelBachelor of Medical Imaging – 3rd Year 
I became a student member of ASMIRT to take advantage of the education and training resources, mix with a large cohort of medical radiation professionals and bolster my involvement with evidence-based practice. I am excited about stepping into QLD Student Ambassador Chair position, where I can help bridge communication, advice and advocacy between students and the wider medical radiation cohort, collaborate with interstate ambassadors and develop my professional leadership and organisation skills.