We’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to. By partnering with Guild Insurance, we are able to offer our members professional indemnity insurance built for our profession. With over 55 years’ experience in protecting allied health professionals, there’s a good reason we believe Guild Insurance offers the best insurance for our members.

Eligible ASMIRT members will have access to additional risk management resources from Guild Insurance, as well as benefit from features and benefits including:


Professional Indemnity Insurance built for our profession

When insured by Guild, you’ll be covered for the full scope of practice in your role as a medical radiation practitioner.

To ensure your livelihood is protected, the policy includes:

  • Professional Indemnity – Provides protection for the provision of medical radiation practitioner services
  • Public Liability – Covering you for accidents that happen in connection to your business, such as a slip or a fall where it’s alleged you were wholly or partially responsible.
  • Products Liability – Protects you against liability for damages caused by goods sold or supplied by you.

Your insurance should reflect the unique needs of the job you do. Which is why Guild offers features and benefits catered to our profession, such as:

  • Run-off cover which protects you when you’ve ceased practising permanently
  • Legal Support that sits behind the policy when a claim is made – Guild’s ties to Meridian Lawyers ensures our members have access to an Australian insurance law firm that specialises in working with a range of allied health professions
  • Nil basic excess on liability claims
  • Dedicated claims support

You can rest assured your financially protected for the work you do when insured by Guild.

For more information on Guild’s Allied Health Combined Liability Group Insurance, click here

Risk management resources

Our members have access to RiskHQ, Guild Insurance’s online risk resource hub. This resource area contains risk management materials based on claims trends and data accumulated over 55 years.

Guild believe prevention is better than a cure. They continually update the resources available to help allied health professionals mitigate risk for the ever evolving needs of a radiographer.

Click here to access RiskHQ and the resources available.


Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Group Policy Important Information

Who does the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Group Policy (ASMIRT) Group Policy Cover?

The ASMIRT group combined liability Insurance policy provides cover to current eligible members of ASMIRT as a benefit of membership

This is available to Australian and New Zealand Residents, who are eligible ASMIRT members and hold one of the following ASMIRT membership categories:

(i)         Voting member – V1

(ii)        Voting member – V3

In addition to these categories:

– Students working under the supervision of an Eligible ASMIRT member will also be provided protection by the Guild Group policy.

– The ASMIRT Group Policy also provides run-off cover to those who maintain a current ASMIRT membership, and are, or become, permanently retired and/or permanently cease to provide Professional Services during the policy period.


Who is the insurer?

The insurer is Guild Insurance Limited (“Guild”), ABN 55 004 538 863 and AFS Licence Number 233791. Guild has issued the Group Policy to ASMIRT. Eligible Members can access the benefits of this Group Policy.

Guild Insurance is an Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) regulated insurer with an A.M. Best rating of A-stable outlook. Guild works with over 130 associations and insures over 80,000 customers across Australia and has done for over 55 years. As an 100% Australian owned company, all claims decisions are made by the Guild Group.

The association does not hold an Australian Financial Services Licence, therefore does not provide advice on the Group Policy and each practitioner should consider obtaining their own financial product advice about the product from a person who is able to provide such advice under an Australian Financial Services Licence.

What does the policy cover?

The ASMIRT Group Policy provides cover which will protect Eligible Members against any civil liability claim(s) made against them arising from their practice as a radiographer. The policy provides indemnity for civil damages and legal defence costs including claimants costs.

The applicable policy limits are:

  • Professional Indemnity – up to $20 million for any one claim and $60 million in total for all professional indemnity claims.
  • Public Liability – $20 million for any one claim and a $60 million in the aggregate for all public liability claims.
  • Products Liability – $20 million for any one claim and in total for all products liability claims.

Scope of practice

Eligible Members are covered for the following scope of practice:

“Professional business service provided, including services provided via telehealth facilities, by You or on Your behalf in your capacity as a radiographer, sonographer, radiation therapist or medical imaging technologist”

If you perform work or services that fall outside the scope of what is recognised above, please contact Guild Insurance on the number below.

Additional benefits

  • Inquiries and Proceedings – Legal representation costs where you are the subject of an inquiry by a statutory or regulatory body. $250,000 sublimit applies.
  • Individual policy limits –unlike other group arrangements where you share the one policy limit with all participants, under our Group policy you have your own limit to draw upon.
  • Molestation defence costs cover – cover for legal defence costs arising out of allegations of sexual misconduct made against you in the course of providing your professional services. $250,000 sublimit applies.
  • Ongoing protection while in retirement (Run off cover)

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible for ongoing protection in retirement (“Run-off Cover”)?

Run-off cover is provided to protect Eligible Members in the event of an allegation or claim being made against them after they permanently retire or permanently cease to provide Professional Services.

Eligible Members who retire on or after 30 June 2020 and maintain ASMIRT membership will be provided run-off cover after ceasing practice.

What is the retroactive date? (i.e. Cover for past acts)

There is an unlimited retroactive date applicable to this policy. This means the policy will respond to civil claims made against you from the time you first starting practising.

What is typically excluded by the policy?

The policy does not cover:

  • Work performed or services rendered that is not defined in your scope of practice.
  • Fraudulent, Dishonest, Criminal, Malicious, Wilful or Intentional Acts
  • Claims arising from allegations of employment related disputes.
  • Claims arising from any act, error, omission or conduct of yours while you were under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants or drugs.
  • Claims brought against you in a court outside of Australia and New Zealand (does not apply to Good Samaritan Acts).

How can I get a copy of the policy wording and/or proof that I am covered by the ASMIRT Group Policy?

To obtain a copy of the policy wording, the scope of cover and a detailed list of exclusions, or arrange a Certificate of Cover, please contact the ASMIRT on (03) 9419 3336.

For enquiries relating to this policy, please contact the Guild Insurance office on the number below.

You can contact Guild on:

Contact name: Chris Ristevski, Partner Aquisition Manager
Email address:
Telephone: 03 7000 0453


Contact name: Leigh Harper, Client Partnership Manager
Email address:
Telephone: 03 9810 9862, 0429 709 761

Alternatively, you can contact Guild directly on 1800 810 213

Will I be informed if the Group Policy terms and conditions change significantly?

ASMIRT will inform eligible members under the Group Policy in the event that;

  • the terms of cover change significantly;
  • the cover did not take effect when it was reasonably believed to have taken effect; and
  • the cover is, or is likely to be, cancelled or not renewed.

We will be liable to compensate any person who suffers loss or damage as a result of us failing to inform eligible members of these events.


How do I make a claim if I need to?

To make a claim against your policy, you will need to contact member services team at the ASMIRT Office on (03) 9419 3336 and supply some basic details. A member of the Guild Insurance claims team will then contact you to finalise your claim lodgement and immediately offer you support, advice and guidance on what further action to take.

What if I practice overseas?

The ASMIRT group policy is designed to provide protection for you whilst working temporarily overseas. If this arrangement becomes more permanent and you take up residency in another country whilst practicing, then you will need to purchase a local insurance policy in that country.

I am looking to retire; do I need my insurance still?

In order to ensure you are adequately protected for claims made against you post retirement, all you need to do is maintain your ASMIRT membership and move to the retired members category.

About Guild Insurance

Guild Insurance is dedicated to protecting independent business owners and allied health professionals across Australia, and has done so for over 55 years.

Guild partners with over 130 associations to ensure each policy is catered to the direct needs of the professions they insure, including radiographers.

Not only this, Guild is an Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) regulated insurer that is 100% Australian owned and trusted, which goes to show why 80,000 customers across Australia choose to protect their livelihood with Guild.


Insurance issued by Guild Insurance Limited ABN 55 004 538 863, AFS Licence No. 233791 and subject to terms, conditions and exclusions. Please refer to the policy wording and policy schedule for details. For more information call 1800 810 213.


For more information, please contact our insurance expert Chris Ristevski from Guild Insurance on the details below.

Chris Ristevski 03 7000 0453
Leigh Harper  03 9810 9862, 0429 709 761

Chris and Leigh are happy to assist with any inquiries you may have regarding the policy.

Alternatively, you can contact Guild directly on 1800 810 213