ASMIRT2019: Fellowship Session and Fellowship Opportunities

ASMIRT2019: Fellowship Session and Fellowship Opportunities

ASMIRT2019: Fellowship Session and Fellowship Opportunities

The Fellowship session at ASMIRT2019/AACRT2019 is being held on Friday 29th March commencing at 3:30 pm.

This year the Fellowship session delves into international cultural considerations for medical radiation practice. The session includes presentation from Mr Phillipe Gerson, Director of Paramedical Staff, Hotel-Dieu, Paris and Vice-President, Euro-Africa ISRRT. Phillipe will speak on the development, implementation and evaluation of workshops and the building of networks for radiographers across English and French-speaking countries in Africa.  Other international presenters consider the importance, as well as the impact of culture and cultural sensitivity to medical radiation practice.

Whilst participating at ASMIRT2019 Fellowship candidates have varied opportunities to gain points towards their final submission for Fellowship.  These include presenting their research as either oral presentations or as e posters. Fellowship candidates can also gain points through attendance at the Fellowship session and by completing the associated assignment.

Given the high levels of specialisation within the modern medical imaging and radiation therapy professions fellowship candidates often find it difficult to demonstrate their diverse knowledge of their profession through the bodies of work that they complete for their fellowship submission.   All Fellowship candidates must demonstrate broad knowledge across their profession.  Fellowship assignments provide an excellent opportunity for a candidate to demonstrate this diverse knowledge of their profession as the assignment topics are typically not aligned to an individual’s area of specialised knowledge.


The Fellowship session is created around a common topic that is relevant to both medical imaging and radiation therapy.  All conference registrants are welcome and encouraged to attend the Fellowship session.  This year the Fellowship topic focuses on international cultural considerations for medical radiation practice.

For members in the process of acquiring points towards Fellowship there will be an assignment that is linked to this session.  Please note that to be eligible to complete the assignment the member must be present in the session. The assignment question will be provided during the session to those who wish to participate.   The assignment is generally a 3000-3500 word response to a question that is based on the session topic. For preparation for the assignment a pre reading list is provided below. 


We look forward to seeing you at the Fellowship session at ASMIRT2019/AACRT2019.


Pre-reading list:

  1. Chandratilrake, M., McAleer, S. & Gibson, J. (2012). Cultural similarities and differences in medical professionalism: A multi-region study. Medical Education, (46): 257-266.
  2. Spector, R. E. (2013). Cultural diversity in health and illness. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, Pearson.
  3. El-Amouri, S. & O'Neill, S. (2011). Supporting cross-cultural communication and culturally competent care in the linguistically and culturally diverse hospital settings of UAE [online]. Contemporary Nurse: A Journal for the Australian Nursing Profession, 39 (2): 240-255.


Associate Professor Madeleine Shanahan

Chair Fellowship Panel, ASMIRT