ASMIRT President message: Post implementation review of professional capabilities


ASMIRT President message: Post implementation review of professional capabilities

The post implementation review of the MRPBA Capabilities document has been completed by the Regulator with a very positive outcome.

I am delighted to announce that exploration of the few areas of contention have been thoroughly examined, and the findings were that no MRPs were practicing out of scope, and more importantly, the evidence shows that alerting colleagues to potentially significant findings is having a positive effect on patient care. This has been borne out by notable research undertaken by Ingrid Egan and colleagues 1.

There was one area of mixed response and that was around the management of the deteriorating patient, with a somewhat unclear understanding of what exactly that is, and where the responsibilities lie.

Experienced health practitioners know that policy ideas developed without consideration for collaborative models of care and ignoring the red flags that proliferate in clinical practice, can lead to sub optimal health outcomes that most want to avoid. Fortunately, the current capabilities document addresses these issues, and ASMIRT commends the MRPBA for their thorough and thoughtful approach to the review.

We are confident that the findings will assist with an increase in inter-professional practice and collaborative models of care for the benefit of all our patients.

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