ASMIRT NSW/ACT Mentoring Program


ASMIRT NSW/ACT Mentoring Program

Mentoring is a valuable tool in the professional and personal development of people at all levels. In addition to encouraging principles of reflective practice, mentoring also links people at different career stages and supports future and current members of our profession. The ASMIRT NSW/ACT Mentoring Program aims to empower mentees as they advance in the workforce, including at high levels, and assist mentors with leadership skills and CPD.
Online expressions of interest to be a mentee, mentor (or both) are now open to NSW/ACT members.

Currently we have a surplus of mentees and so are seeking mentors to participate in the program

Once ASMIRT pairs you with your appropriate partner, you will also be allocated a guide to direct your mentoring relationship until mid-July. The program is flexible and provides numerous benefits for both parties. Mentors will provide guidance, encouragement, and insight to help the mentee progress towards different goals. The mentor will enhance their leadership skills, interpersonal communication and CPD portfolio, as well as refreshing their perspectives and professional enthusiasm. Mentees will further develop their career and opportunities in the field.
To take advantage of this new program, please click link to express your interest.

Those based in other states, don’t worry, we will be expanding the program nationwide in the future. If you have any questions, please contact

Apply before the closing date, Wednesday 24 March 2021.