Closing the gap in cancer


Closing the gap in cancer

On demand webinars: How can we improve the radiation experience for patients and families?

An informative series of research webinars has been released by the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) and the Bragg Centre for Proton Therapy and Research. The topics all focus on improving the radiation experience for both patients and families and are available to access free via YouTube.
These interview sessions are hosted by Julie McCrossin, and cover the topics of Proton Therapy, Children, Adolescents & Young Adults and Closing The Gap First Nations across various regions of Australia.

Julie interviewed local and international experts, including recent ASMIRT-NZIMRT Conference presenters Nigel Anderson and Daniel Sapkaroski. Click below for a link to view all webinars.

Or click on an individual webinar:

1) First Nations – Close The Gap – Research Webinar 4 broadcast on 10th June 2021.
Duration: 1 hour 36 minutes.
The webinar includes interviews & video footage with Aboriginal health staff in Adelaide, Darwin, Borroloola, Albury Wodonga, Canberra & Melbourne. The Co-Host is Prof Jacinta Elston, Chair, Cancer Australia’s Leadership Group on Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Cancer Control.

2) Tom Calma – Tackling Indigenous Smoking – Close The Gap – First Nations
Duration: 8 minutes.

3) Annie Taylor – Cancer Council NT- Close The Gap – First Nations
Duration: 14 minutes.

4) Michael Penniment & Kar Giam – Alan Walker Cancer Centre Darwin – Close The Gap – First Nations
Duration: 13 minutes.

5) Craig Underhill – Albury Wodonga Health – Close The Gap – First Nations
Duration: 7 minutes.

6) Albury Wodonga Aboriginal Health Service – Close The Gap – First Nations
Duration: 13 minutes.