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EAP Assist – Wellbeing member benefit

EAP Assist are our wellbeing supporter and counselling support service, providing helpful advice on how to relieve stress and live a more balanced life. Each week they suggest ways in which you can enhance your life with easy-to-follow messaging on useful topics.
These life tips are now available to members only, you can find them here, updated monthly:

Accepting your Distressing Thoughts Feb 24, 2022 |

Many people spend a lot of time and energy trying to get rid of their upsetting thoughts and worries. Not so long ago, psychologists encouraged people to change their thoughts by making them more rational and reality oriented or to just suppress them entirely with…read more

Stress & Anxiety Feb 23, 2022 |

Life can be stressful—you may feel stressed about performance at work, traumatic events (such as a pandemic, a natural disaster or an act of violence), or a life change. Everyone feels stress from time to time. Stress is the physical or mental response to an external…read more

Fun Benefits Feb 22, 2022 | 

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s all too easy to focus our attention on working, accumulating things and just surviving from day to day. When this happens, we are simply going through the motions of life while missing out on living it to the full. This is when we…read more

Ten Self-Care suggestions for Depression Feb 21, 2022 | 

Your depression symptoms may increase the more you ignore your needs and self-care — like getting restful sleep, eating nutritious meals and taking time to relax. A good self-care routine can also go a long way toward helping you manage your day-to-day life. Consider…read more

Breaking that Habit Feb 18, 2022 | 

A habit is a practice you repeat so regularly that it can be hard to change. This could be biting your nails when you’re worried, picking up a bottle of wine whenever you pass the liquor store or cracking open a bag of chips while watching TV at the end of the…read more

Empathy in the Workplace Feb 17, 2022 | 

Leadership styles in business vary from one to the next, but one character trait that is steadily becoming essential in the modern workplace, especially since COVID-19, is empathy. It’s the importance of taking into consideration how your actions…read more

Better Workplace Relationships Less Stress Feb 16, 2022 | 

Social relationships and the networks they create have a crucial impact on our health, well-being and longevity. Having close relationships with family and friends is highly protective of health—as protective as exercise or quitting smoking. Moreover, people with…read more

Manage Work Demands Manage Stress Feb 15, 2022 | 

Research shows that overall work has indeed become considerably more intense since the 1970s. Employees are working faster and harder and are more likely to say they have “too much work to do everything well” than they were in the past. Many report feeling overwhelmed…read more

More Employee Control Less Stress Feb 13, 2022 | 

Decades of research demonstrate that workers’ sense of control at work is a powerful lever for enhancing their health—or harming it.Broadly defined, control at work involves having meaningful discretion over how, when and where work gets done. Workers lack…read more

Virtually Working Feb 10, 2022 | 

Some of us enjoy working virtually, while others prefer working in the workplace. Regardless of your preference, it’s important to recognize the unique challenges that virtual work brings. Some common challenges are maintaining personal and professional boundaries,…read more

Trauma Triggers Feb 10, 2022 | 

When you encounter a trigger after trauma, a strong emotional and behavioural reaction comes over you. It’s as if you are reliving that trauma all over again. The word “triggered” has become a popular term to describe anything that causes emotional discomfort. But for…read more

Wellbeing in the Workplace Videos Feb 9, 2022 | 

Three short videos providing practical tips for Wellbeing in the Workplace: Wellbeing: Chair Exercises https://youtu.be/HYLoDv9wLmw Wellbeing: Breathing Exercise https://youtu.be/o7b5Tmj3KJo Wellbeing: Visualisation…read more

Goal Setting with Purpose Feb 8, 2022 | 

Having a purpose is essential for a meaningful life and equates to having intentional goals. While mindfulness teaches us to live in the present moment, envisaging the future we want to live in is good for our mental health because it gives us focus and something to…read more

On Being Optimistic Feb 7, 2022 | 

It is no surprise that during recent times people often find it difficult to maintain a positive outlook on life. After all, there is plenty to keep our spirits down and before you know it, you’re caught in a trap of negative thinking. This type of thinking only leads…read more

Saying Thank You Feb 4, 2022 | 

Thanking someone is a very powerful form of appreciation. Sometimes, we just really need to hear ‘thank you’ and sometimes we don’t even realise that’s what we are desperate to hear. Being thanked often motivates us, as we know what we are spending our time and effort…read more

Social Media Boundaries Feb 4, 2022 | 

If you have a smartphone, you’re probably well aware that limiting your screen time can be a challenge. Not to mention, spending too much time online can negatively affect your well-being. And if you’ve watched Netflix’s “The Social Dilemma,” you’re familiar that…read more

Breathing to Sleep Feb 3, 2022 | 

Breathing exercises can be very beneficial to help us wind down and remain calm during our bedtime routines with the ‘4-7-8’ Breathing Exercise being very popular. It is said to make you fall asleep in as little as a few minutes with just 5 steps and can be done…read more

Five Resiliency Tips Feb 2, 2022 | 

When stressed, our bodies go through many changes to enable us to become capable of dealing with the situation. We may become more alert, faster and stronger, enabling us to be able to deal with problems. It is common for our heart rate and blood pressure to increase,…read more

Five Productivity Tips Feb 1, 2022 | 

Do you ever get to the end of the workday and feel that it has been a very unproductive one? That you’ve had so much on you’ve struggled to prioritise your time and haven’t got half as much done as you should have, or that feeling of forgetting to do something…read more