President's Message


President’s Message – March 2021

Welcome to a new year, and one I hope will hold positive outcomes for members as we move forward from the unprecedented events of 2020. We begin 2021 with exciting developments; the proposed return of face-to-face events across the country, a new date confirmed for our annual Conference and a new member joining the Board of Directors.

In this issue of Spectrum, there is a focus on nuclear medicine; a unique field that attracts a small and dedicated segment of our membership. This issue introduces the members of the ASMIRT Nuclear Medicine Reference Group, four nuclear medicine technologists whose extensive clinical and academic experience brings essential professional expertise in this area to ASMIRT. The group was formed in 2019 as it became clear to the Board that expert advice was required as the professional needs of the disciplines align more, in particular with the growth of hybrid imaging technologies.

We also meet Georgie Adams, an experienced Clinical Educator and Nuclear Medicine Technologist from The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Victoria, who shares the joys and the challenges of her role, and how the steady growth of technology around nuclear medicine and working in a team environment keeps her motivation high.

Continuing ASMIRT’s commitment to continuing professional development, we are pleased to announce that ASMIRT is partnering with RAINS (Rural Alliance In Nuclear Scintigraphy) to provide a pharmacology course for all radiography, RT and nuclear medicine professionals. This is in line with the MRPBA’s Professional capabilities and is a significant step in recognising the scope of practice around medicines, contrast and radiopharmaceuticals. We highly recommend this course, with pricing savings for our members and RAINS members also.

I also take great pleasure in introducing all members to our new Board Director Naomi Gibson. Beginning as a radiographer in regional Queensland, Naomi has expanded her experience to MRI Team Leader, with HR and fatigue management are of particular professional interest, and is currently the Deputy Director at Townsville University Hospital (TUH). Naomi brings a wealth of clinical knowledge and experience coupled with long term experience in a range of roles for ASMIRT. She joined the then Australian Institute of Radiography in 1993 and has been an active member of the Society since that time, serving in many roles for the Townsville and District Sub-Branch, as well as working on committees and convening several North Queensland conferences and seminars. She served as a Queensland representative on the Professional Accreditation and Education Board and later the Education Standards Advisory Panel for over six years. We are excited to be welcoming her onto the Board.  We know she will be looking forward to meeting with members at the upcoming ASMIRT-NZIMRT 2021 Conference in Melbourne in June, and other events across the coming year.

With many positives forecast in our calendars, I also urge members to remain vigilant while working in our new “COVID normal” and to remind you all that your Society is always here to help you in your professional endeavours – please reach out to us when required.