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EAP Assist – Wellbeing member benefit

EAP Assist are our wellbeing supporter and counselling support service, providing helpful advice on how to relieve stress and live a more balanced life. Each week they suggest ways in which you can enhance your life with easy-to-follow messaging on useful topics.
These life tips are now available to members only, you can find them here, updated monthly:

Wrapping up Work
Dec 23, 2021 |
Whether you’re focusing on finishing your to-do lists in preparation for some time off or are working over the holidays, staying on top of everything at work can feel particularly challenging at this time of year. Here are some top tips for managing your mental health…read more

Managing Emotions Effectively
Dec 22, 2021 | 
When we are overly stressed and worried it becomes even more difficult to regulate our emotions with effective strategies. Emotion regulation is how we deal with the feelings we experience from moment to moment to have wellbeing, build positive relationships and…read more

Emotional Resilience
Dec 21, 2021 | 
Emotional resilience is our ability to cope with stressful situations and adapt to life’s ups and downs. Becoming emotionally resilient doesn’t mean that you’ll never be stressed again. Life has a habit of challenging us no matter how prepared for its pitfalls we…read more

Developing People Skills
Dec 20, 2021 | 
We all have different personalities, different wants and needs and different ways of showing our emotions. Navigating through this all takes tact and cleverness – especially if we hope to succeed in life. This is where emotional intelligence becomes important….read more

Building Stronger Relationships
Dec 17, 2021 | 
Even the healthiest of relationships can sometimes use a little extra work. Here are some simple tips to make sure things stay on the right track. Embrace each other’s differences “They might be ambitious, while you’re more of a homebody”. This is a good dynamic, since…read more

Depressed at Work
Dec 16, 2021 | 
Some common signs of work depression: withdrawal or isolation from other people, poor self-hygiene or significant change in appearance, late arrival at work, missed meetings, or absent days, procrastination, missed deadlines, reduced productivity, subpar performance in…read more

Stop that Panic Attack
Dec 15, 2021 | 
Panic attacks can be scary and may hit you quickly. Here are 9 simple strategies you can use to try to stop or manage panic attacks. Some may help you in the moment, while others can help in the longer term.1. Use deep breathing. While hyperventilating is a symptom…read more

Thinking differently about Anxiety
Dec 14, 2021 | 
MindTrails is an evidence-based program designed to help people think differently about situations that make them feel anxious. The program is free as part of a study funded by the National Institute of Mental Health and has been completed by people of all racial and…read more

Coping with Traumatic Events
Dec 13, 2021 | 
Emotional responses of witnessing and experiencing disasters, mass violence and traumatic events can vary from person to person. There is no right or wrong way to feel. Common reactions include disbelief and shock, feelings of fear, anxiety guilt, anger, hopelessness,…read more

Wellbeing & You
Dec 10, 2021 | 
As we continue to prioritize our well-being, we also need to shift our mindset away from viewing well-being as work. Because well-being isn’t a benchmark we need to hit. It’s not another guilt-inducing metric to measure ourselves by. The whole point of…read more

Living with Uncertainty
Dec 9, 2021 | 
Living with uncertainty isn’t easy for us humans – our minds have been trained over millennia to try to control the world around us as much as we can. And we generally prefer predictability and things to remain constant. Of course, that’s not how the world is and…read more

Positive Psychology
Dec 8, 2021 |
In contrast to more traditional psychological approaches, positive psych concerns itself with the good stuff in life. It strives to understand what makes for a good life and how we can not only maintain average or ‘normal’ functioning but how we can actually surpass…read more

Return-To-Work Anxiety
Dec 7, 2021 |
After almost two years of remote work brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers are eager to bring their staff back to the workplace. For some people, returning to the workplace is a mark of normalcy and opportunity for social connection. But for others, the…read more

Setting Safe Boundaries
Dec 4, 2021 | 
A simple definition of a boundary is anything that marks a border and is, in personal terms, a line that denotes the limit of a subject, principle or relationship. As guidelines, personal boundaries are rules or expectations created by an…read more

Mental Health changes to Australian Workplaces
Dec 3, 2021 | 
In this 50-minute webinar, a panel of workplace leaders discuss key findings from the new white paper by the Black Dog Institute, Modern work: how changes to the way we work are impacting Australians’ mental health. Drawing on their own professional experience of…read more

Let’s Negotiate
Dec 2, 2021 | 
Negotiation refers to people finding an acceptable solution to a shared problem. If you have a hard time getting what you want and believe, “If I don’t get exactly what I want, I don’t want anything at all!” This way of thinking, often referred to as “black and white…read more

Managing Anger post Breakup
Dec 1, 2021 | 
Going through a breakup is never easy, and one of the emotions you might be experiencing is anger. Anger is a normal emotion, but perhaps it is more intense for you, and it has started to impact your daily life. If you continue to feel intense anger, it might increase…read more