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EAP Assist – Wellbeing member benefit

EAP Assist are our wellbeing supporter and counselling support service, providing helpful advice on how to relieve stress and live a more balanced life. Each week they suggest ways in which you can enhance your life with easy-to-follow messaging on useful topics.
These life tips are now available to members only, you can find them here, updated monthly:

Being Humble can Improve your Life
Jun 30, 2021

A new study underlines six ways in which the benefits of humility can help us improve our lives. Humility involves a willingness to accept the self’s limits and its place in the grand scheme of things, accompanied by low levels of self-preoccupation. The benefits of…read more

Stressless Sleep
Jun 29, 2021

If you find that you’re not sleeping enough—you’re not alone as about 35% of Australian adults skimp on sleep. This is an important public health concern because getting a good night’s rest is essential for physical and mental wellbeing. There are many factors that can…read more

Workplace Stress Scale
Jun 28, 2021

Think about your current job and how often each of the following 10 statements describe how you feel.  I can’t honestly say what I really think or get things off my chest at work. My job has a lot of responsibility, but I don’t have very much authority….read more

Working from Home Workstation Recommendations
Jun 25, 2021

Employees have recognized that working from home can take a toll on one’s mental and physical health, including stress, anxiety, lack of sleep as well as physical ailments from poor ergonomics. Recommendations for improved home workstations include: Sit on something…read more

Winter Blues may make us SAD
Jun 24, 2021

Weather can affect how we feel, think and behave. Many people notice that their outlook can be partially influenced by the temperature, colour of the sky and how much rain or sunshine they get. In the winter months, the colder temperatures, reduced hours of sunlight…read more

Eight Rules to Mitigate Stress
Jun 23, 2021

You’re trying to concentrate, but your mind is wandering or you’re easily distracted. What happened to the laser-sharp focus you once enjoyed? Your mind wanders up to 47% of the time, and when you stray, you pay. When you’re worried about an unfinished project or…read more

Ten Ways to Avoid Depression
Jun 22, 2021

Depression is an extremely common experience, which can be hard to escape from once an episode has begun. Psychological research has found all sorts of ways that the chances of developing depression can be reduced from social connection, through building…read more

Fifteen Affirmations to Feel more Optimistic
Jun 21, 2021

Which of these will you recite in your daily life: “I am exactly where I need to be.”  When you find yourself wrapped up in the future and your thoughts start drifting toward how far you have to go, repeat this mantra to yourself. It anchors you in the present…read more

Three Simple Ways to Stay Calm
Jun 17, 2021

These simple Mindfulness tips may help you navigate every day-challenges, tame worry and tune into your surroundings with greater awareness and allow you to tap into a deep well of resilience — for yourself and for those around you.  1. Give yourself some…read more

Ways to Manage Stress
Jun 16, 2021

If you take practical steps to manage your stress, you may reduce the risk of negative health effects. Here are some tips that may help you to cope with stress: Be observant. Recognize the signs of your body’s response to stress, such as difficulty sleeping,…read more

Assess your Time Management Skills
Jun 15, 2021

How often do you find yourself running out of time? Weekly, daily, hourly? For many people, it seems that there’s just never enough time in the day to get everything done. When you know how to manage your time you gain control of what you achieve. For each statement…read more

Flexible Working
Jun 14, 2021

A new study of more than 17,000 people below director level and employed by organisations with more than 250 staff members in nine European markets were surveyed and found that: 26% of employees would be willing to slightly reduce their salary in order to have…read more

People at Work – Psychosocial Risk Assessment
Jun 11, 2021

Australian workplaces are required by law to manage risks to psychological health in the same way as risks to physical health. People at Work helps you to do this in your workplace by: helping workplaces comply with health and safety duties, improving management of…read more

Depression at Work
Jun 10, 2021

Maybe the idea of work fills you with dread, or you’re finding it hard to connect with your colleagues. Maybe you find yourself zoning out when you need to be focusing, or you’re watching the clock, just waiting for the chance to crawl back into bed. If you feel any…read more

Mindfulness at Work
Jun 9, 2021

To many people when they hear the word “Mindfulness” an image of Buddha sitting under a tree may pop up or someone sitting on the floor meditating. Mindfulness may be the buzz of modern life, especially when the whole world is under such intense pressure fighting for…read more

Perfectionism at Work
Jun 8, 2021

While aiming for excellence can lead to breakthroughs, perfectionism can lead to breakdowns and burnout. A key difference between unhealthy perfectionism and healthy striving is being able to define realistic expectations and being able to say, “that’s good enough,…read more

Finding your Work-Life Balance
Jun 7, 2021

People have debated the concept of “life balance” for decades, and it means something different to everyone. One person might think he’s achieved balance when he can leave work early enough to eat dinner with his family. Someone else might view it as having a flexible…read more

Free Evidence-Based Anxiety Relief APP
Jun 5, 2021

Is anxiety getting in the way of your life? MindShift™ CBT uses scientifically proven strategies based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help you learn to relax and be mindful, develop more effective ways of thinking, and use active steps to take charge of…read more

Getting Ahead of Stress
Jun 4, 2021

Below are eight simple tips to get ahead of stress before it overwhelms you: Plan your day the night before
Before bed close your eyes and visualize what you want your next day to be. Then write out a complete list of all the things you want to accomplish. The next day,…read more

Dealing with Angry Co-workers
Jun 3, 2021

Use the following eight strategies below to deal with angry co-workers: Stay Safe & Involve Others
If you feel threatened by an angry person, trust your judgment. Leave the room immediately if you feel unsafe, or if you’re too upset to resolve the situation on your…read more

Healthy Diet Healthy Mind
Jun 2, 2021

A healthy diet is linked to good mental health, whatever your age and background, research finds. People who avoid unhealthy foods — like fried and processed foods — have fewer symptoms of psychological distress. Only around one-in-ten people in Australia eat the…read more

Free Mindfulness App
Jun 1, 2021

HeadGear is a free, easy-to-use smartphone app that guides you through a 30–day mental fitness challenge designed to build resilience and wellbeing and prevent things like depression and anxiety. Based on techniques scientifically proven to build good mental health,…read more