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Watch the Awards Ceremony, Saturday 5 June 2021, online

ASMIRT 2020-2021 Award Winners

ASMIRT is pleased to announce the following Life Membership, Varian Award, Advanced Practitioner Award, Fellowship Accreditation and Nicholas Outterside Medallion recipients for 2020-2021. The following prizes were awarded at the ASMIRT-NZIMRT 2021 Conference – congratulations to all our winners.

Life Membership:
Chris Whennan
Edmund Arozoo
Harry Hanson
Mark Bower
Awarded to those retired members in recognition of the significant contribution that they have made to the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy at a state and national level during their professional working life.

The Varian Award
Sarah Everitt
Awarded to a radiation therapist who has made a significant contribution to the field of radiation therapy, sponsored by Varian. To learn more about the Varian Award, click here. Nominations for the 2022 Varian Award will open August 2021. 

Advanced Practitioner Accreditation:
Alison Brown
Mary Job
Nick Woznitza
Awarded to members of the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy who have met the criteria of Advanced Practice as defined by the ASMIRT Board of Directors.

Nicholas Outterside Medallion:
Caroline Knipe
Carolyn Heyes
Denise Ogilvie
Jill Harris
Marianne Hercus
Patrick Eastgate
Susan Merchant
Awarded to members of the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy who have significantly contributed to the Society over many years.

Ian Roos Award – Not Awarded in 2020-2021. The Ian Roos Award may be awarded by the Radiation Oncology Alliance to any consumer involved in health care advocacy, particularly in radiation oncology, including (but not restricted to) those consumers involved in Board, Council, committee or working group activities of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists, ASMIRT, the Australian College of Physicists, Scientists and Engineers in Medicine, and the Cancer Nurses Society of Australia.

ASMIRT Pioneers – Not awarded in 2020-2021. Awarded to the pioneer who typically is retired and a resident of the State in which the ASMIRT Conference is to be held. Selection is made by the relevant State Branch Committee who notifies the CEO and Convenor.

Paper and ePoster prizes – Not awarded in 2020-2021. These awards are only awarded to those who are current financial members of ASMIRT and who fit the category of the prize. These prizes are adjudicated throughout the conference (with no input from the prize sponsors), and the announcements are final with no further discussion entered into. The above awards may be awarded at the conference, though is subject to a nomination and approval process.

For more information on how these awards are nominated and awarded please contact 


The Nicholas Outterside Medallion


Nicholas Outterside commenced his duties in radiography in Sydney in 1926 and within a few short years saw the need for a corporate body for the profession. During the 1940’s he did much to consolidate the work and interest of radiographers and, elected by his fellows, he became the first President of the then Australasian Institute of Radiography (now the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy) on its incorporation in February 1950.

Through his pioneering and industrious endeavours, the Institute (now Society) was built on a firm foundation as it progressed through to a mature professional body. 

In 1981 it was suggested that a National Award be given annually in memory of Nicholas Outterside. This will be in the form of a Medallion, which will be awarded at the discretion of the AIR (now ASMIRT) Board. No recipient of the Nicholas Outterside Medallion will be considered for a second award except under exceptional circumstances. e.g. for an exceptional discovery, invention, etc.

Conditions of the Award:
1. Each Branch or Sub Branch Committee may submit to the ASMIRT Board of Directors each year the name of one member, or Fellow or other worthy person who has:
a) contributed materially over many years to the service of the Society and its Members:
b) by example to, and in the training of radiographers / radiation therapists, upheld, passed on and added to the tradition of radiography / radiation therapy over many years:
c) been responsible for the development and publication of outstanding original technique or research in specialised or general radiography, radiation therapy:
d) made remarkable achievements in or outstanding contribution to the art and science of radiography / radiation therapy.

The ASMIRT Board may, at its discretion, also award Medallions to up to two other persons for the same reasons.

In 2021, the Nicholas Outterside Medallion was awarded to these recipients and presented at the ASMIRT-NZIMRT 2021 Conference.

The Nicholas Outterside Medallion:
Caroline Knipe
Carolyn Heyes
Denise Ogilvie
Jill Harris
Marianne Hercus
Patrick Eastgate
Susan Merchant

Download the list of all the Nicholas Outterside Award recipients here.


ASMIRT Scholarships


Each year ASMIRT offers a range of scholarships to members as support while they undertake personal and professional development activities. The scholarships available include the International Travel Scholarships, Research Scholarships and the Rural Clinical Placement Grants. Interested ASMIRT members are encouraged to read the information available and consult the application guidelines for each individual scholarship.

2019 International Travel Scholarship Winners – Read more
Nicholas Gatehouse – Jacqueline Spurway – Katelyn Cahill

2019 Research Scholarship Winners – Read more
Professor Rob Davidson – Scott Jones

2017 International Travel Scholarship Winners – Read more  
Jodi Mitchell – Lloyd Smyth – Rebekah Onsley – Nancy Grull

2016 Research Scholarship Winners – Read more
Laura Di Michele – Dr Caroline Wright


The Crestani Foundation Grant

ASMIRT are pleased to announce a new grant being offered by the Crestani Foundation (managed by ASMIRT).  The Crestani Foundation Grant is awarded annually to a Radiation Therapy graduate for assistance with the costs of research projects, CPD activities or further education which enables contributions to better patient outcomes. This Grant is worth up to $2000. Early career graduates in radiation therapy are encouraged to apply. 

ASMIRT Guidelines Crestani Foundation Grant
Crestani Foundation Grant Application Form 2021
Crestani Foundation Grant pre assessment and matrix

Congratulations to the 2021 recipient of the Crestani Foundation grant – Amelia Brink.  Amelia will be utilising the grant to undertake the QUT MRI for Radiation Therapist course.


International Travel Scholarships 

Each year ASMIRT is pleased to offer four International Travel Scholarships to current members of ASMIRT. Two Early Career scholarships are offered for $3500 to Early Career ASMIRT members, one in diagnostic imaging/nuclear medicine and one in radiation therapy. Two $5000 scholarships are offered to Voting Members, one in diagnostic imaging/nuclear medicine and one in radiation therapy.

The aim of the scholarship is to assist ASMIRT members to experience medical radiation science on an international stage such as attendance at an international conference, participation in an international training program or the undertaking of small study tours.  Practitioners are encouraged to share their experiences with their colleagues on their return to Australia. Members who are interested in applying should keep an eye out for details in the July, August and September editions of Spectrum and on the website.  Guidelines and application information will be posted on the website from July each year.

Application open dates for 2021 – TBA

ASMIRT Travel Scholarship Guidelines & Application – Early Career 2020
ASMIRT Travel Scholarship Guidelines & Application – Financial Voting Member 2020
Travel Scholarship Assessment Matrix 2020

Applications close 3 October 2021
Due to COVID-19 and the inability to travel in 2020, there will now be two sets of International Travel Scholarships offered for 2022.


ASMIRT Rural Clinical Placement Scheme


The Rural Clinical Placement Scheme is available one grant per calendar year for each university that offers Approved Undergraduate Medical Radiations Science programs in medical imaging and radiation therapy. Additional grants may be awarded to those States where additional applications have been received. Each grant is to the value of $500.00 and can be used by the recipient for the necessary travel and accommodation. The aim of the grant is to support and promote rural health initiatives. 

The successful applicant is required to write a reflective report on the experience for publication by ASMIRT and be willing to participate in evaluation studies or surveys regarding allied health in the rural setting.
Applications should be made as soon as possible in each academic year.


2021 Rural Clinical Placement Scheme Winners

Semester 1 – 2021

Aiden Haocheng Yu

Aiden Asquith

Janine Le

Jason Karmayana

Adam Karpinski

Amber Eden-Jones

Samantha Magnusson

Jordan Battell

Maisie Fraser



Download the Guidelines

ASMIRT Rural and Remote Practitioners Reference Group – Rural Clinical Placement Scheme Guidelines 2021

Applications close:
Semester 1 applications are now closed.
Semester 2: Friday 17 September 2021 – Download form


ASMIRT Research Scholarships


The Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (ASMIRT), through the Research Lead Committee, offers research scholarships to enhance the research base within Medical Radiation Science.

ASMIRT will award up to two research scholarships per year in the fields of medical imaging and radiation therapy. Applications from nuclear medicine technologists will be assessed under the medical imaging category. Each of the reimbursement scholarships will be for up to a maximum of $10,000 (including GST). The scholarships are designed to encourage researchers to develop projects which will add to the body of knowledge of the Medical Radiation Science profession. The successful candidate will be required to publish the outcome of their work in the Journal of Medical Radiation Sciences or other peer reviewed journal and to present at the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy’s National Conference (ASMIRT).


Application open dates for 2021 – TBA

Research Scholarship Guidelines 16.09.2020
Research Scholarship Pre-Assessment Matrix 2020

Applications close 3 October 2021


For all enquires regarding Scholarships, please contact the ASMIRT Professional Standards Manager, Min Ku, at