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EAP Assist – Wellbeing member benefit

EAP Assist are our wellbeing supporter and counselling support service, providing helpful advice on how to relieve stress and live a more balanced life. Each week they suggest ways in which you can enhance your life with easy-to-follow messaging on useful topics.
These life tips are now available to members only, you can find them here, updated monthly:

Tips to Manage Anxiety Aug 28, 2021 | eap assist

Below are 5 tips to help improve your anxiety: Check your self-talkWhen we are upset and anxious we sometimes say negative things to ourselves. Unhelpful self-talk might include things like, “I’m hopeless”, “I’m going to be terrible at this” or “I’ll never get…read more

Stages of Sleep Aug 27, 2021 | eap assist

While you’re snoozing, your mind and body journey through a series of events designed to reduce your consciousness and awareness, relax your muscles and alter your brain waves. Some organs get to power down to minimal functionality to maintain or reset, while others…read more

Tips to Connect with Others Aug 26, 2021 | eap assist

Social relationships support good mental and physical health. These 14 tips will help you to enjoy better interactions with the people you encounter, so you can feel the benefits of positive connection.1 Think positiveWorries about social situations can make you…read more

Ten Ways to Improve your Relationship Aug 25, 2021 | eap assist

Below are 10 tips to help improve your relationship: Work on lowering stress in your life, which might be putting strain on your relationship. Take time to talk with your partner about life stresses and how to manage these together. Seek to support each other in times…read more

Zoom Reset App Aug 24, 2021 | eap assist

Virtual meeting fatigue is a phenomenon almost nobody had heard of before the pandemic, but one most of us are all too familiar with now. For many of us, sitting through back-to-back-to-back Zoom meetings has been one of the defining experiences of the last 18 months….read more

Beat Burnout Aug 23, 2021 | eap assist

Overwork and burnout contributed to more than 745,000 deaths worldwide in just one year, according to the World Health Organization. People working 55 or more hours per week have an estimated 35 percent higher risk of a stroke and a 17 percent higher risk of…read more

Meditation at Work Aug 20, 2021 | eap assist

Meditation is a technique that can help provide mental clarity and focus by training your mind and developing your concentration. A consistent meditation practice can help you improve in many areas of your life, including being more productive at work. The wonderful…read more

Diet Reduces Depression Aug 19, 2021 | eap assist

A diet rich in vegetables, nuts, fruits and fish could lower depression risk by up to a third, research suggests. Those that adhered to this diet had a 33% reduced chance of developing depression. The results come from studies on tens of thousands of people around the…read more

How to Control your Emotions Aug 18, 2021 | eap assist

The last 18 months have been challenging for most of us for so many reasons, and this has only further highlighted the importance of having the ability to experience and express our emotions. This is much more important than we may appreciate. As the felt response to… read more

Managing Stress Aug 18, 2021 | eap assist

What Is Stress? Stress is “a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize.” This means that we experience stress if we believe that we don’t have the time, resources…read more

Feeling Overwhelmed at Work Aug 16, 2021 | eap assist

We all feel overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed at some point. It’s important to give yourself grace when you have these feelings. Try not to brush them off or push through whatever is causing you to feel anxious – your mental health matters and if you’re feeling the…read more

President’s Message – September 2021

As we move towards the second half of 2021, there continues to be challenges for our frontline members and all those working in health. To help keep a positive outlook, I hope you will connect with each other to celebrate National Radiographers and Radiation Therapists’ Week, where we trust our theme of Looking to the Future will resonate with you. NRRTW will run from 8 November – World Radiography Day – to 14 November and you can find our activities, email sign-up and collateral at asmirt.org/nrrtw2021.

This year’s NAIDOC Week brought into sharp focus the important role of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practitioner workforce, as well as all medical radiation practitioners who are integral to the delivery of culturally safe and responsive care to improve the health outcomes of Indigenous patients. ASMIRT is eager to continue this journey by giving our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members a voice and opportunity to join our Indigenous Reference Group, with the aim of shaping our profession and future direction to ensure our patients receive culturally safe and equitable healthcare to help close the gap.

Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members can now choose to identify their cultural heritage within their member profile on the ASMIRT Members Site. ASMIRT also continue to subsidise the Indigenous Allied Health Australia Cultural Safety training for all members, and I strongly encourage you to undertake these valuable learning modules. Of special importance is our cover story, which discusses improving the health outcomes for Indigenous Australians through targeted health communication in local languages. 

We are also calling for members to nominate for the Victorian and South Australian Board positions, along with Branch positions available in all states and territories. Being part of ASMIRT means giving your skills, expertise and enthusiasm to the state and nation, assisting the growth of the Society and the profession, and we hope to see many of you apply. Full details and voting forms can be found on pages 6 and 7.

As medical radiation practitioners are constantly looking to work towards ALARA, we encourage you to read the ARPANSA article on page 17. ARPANSA has developed new occupational radiation exposure materials, educating radiation therapists, nuclear medicine technologists, diagnostic radiographers and others on radiation risks and how to mitigate or minimise them.

And on page 18, Chair of our Breast Imaging Reference Group, Associate Professor Kelly Spuur, has authored an article on the updated Certificate of Mammographic Practice. This article will be of great benefit to anyone who is pursuing a career in breast imaging and mammography services and the new requirements needed.

This issue also features a new series on forensic radiography, brought to you by the ANZ Branch Committee of International Association of Forensic Radiographers and written by Rebecca Hastie and Edel Doyle. This fascinating side to medical imaging is gaining popularity as it works with the law and has a strong investigative focus.

We are also pleased to bring you a new Novice Research Scholarship, and I encourage all those looking at beginning their first research project to visit asmirt.org/scholarships and apply. The Victorian Medical Radiation Practitioners Education Trust also provide funds for the purposes of advancing the education of both practitioners and students who reside in Victoria. More information can be found on page 27 for those who wish to take advantage and expand their career goals.

With the scenario of rolling lockdowns in several states not likely to ease for some time, we hope you will take advantage of the many online offerings from ASMIRT and continue to build your CPD hours and personal development. Upcoming branch events are listed on page 29 in this issue of Spectrum.

As always, I hope you stay safe and well.

Bronwyn Hilder
ASMIRT President