Expert Committees




To assist the Board of Directors in the execution of their responsibilities, it is often necessary to seek the advice of specialists within the membership in relation to matters requiring their particular expertise.

For that purpose, ASMIRT has established Committees and various specialist groups to gain that expert assistance.

In general terms, the role of the specialist panels is to:

  • advise the Board of Directors on matters pertaining to areas of specialist expertise.
  • recommend and draft policies, position statements and guidelines
  • discuss matters referred from the Board of Directors and make recommendations to the Board related to the particular discipline(s)/specialist area.
  • liaise with other Reference Groups and Committees of the Society on matters of mutual interest as a means to further the aims of ASMIRT.
  • develop new and review existing guidelines/terms of reference specific to the particular area of expertise.

The current Committees and Panels are:




Function of Committees

These four Committees will be responsible for guiding the organisation across the four key areas of:

• Education Advisory Committee
• Research Advisory Committee
• Membership and Advocacy Committee
• Professional Standards Advisory Committee

Three expert Panels will continue to provide their knowledge and expertise, informing each of the Advisory Committees on specific issues. The Panels cover these three areas:

• Fellowship Panel
• Editorial Review Board and
• Overseas Qualification Advisory Panel

The Committees will oversee a range of Reference Groups that will report into one or more of the Committees, with the aim of the Groups being as inclusive and broad ranging as possible.

The third tier will be Working Parties that can be assembled to address a specific issue. They may come together for a week – a month – a year – depending on the issue to be addressed. This structure will allow members to participate on a number of different levels, reflecting their particular interests, and suiting their availability in terms of tie and commitment.

One of the most important changes we will initiate with this structure is a broader engagement with members, providing opportunities for those who may not have had the chance to engage at this level in the past. We are looking for more experienced members to work within this structure alongside some of our newer, younger and less experienced members who will bring an entirely different perspective to the issues.

We will continue to send regular updates to members through the eNews, Spectrum magazine and Branch meetings. 

This is an exciting opportunity for ASMIRT to better address the needs of members and the changing requirements of our professions. It will enable us to be far more nimble and to draw on the broad and unique expertise of members.

The Education Advisory Committee will advise the Board of Directors on the standards and processes that facilitate professional learning, education and research across the domains of our professions, to ensure that the ASMIRT’s members have clear guidelines for professional education including continuing professional development.


• Provide advice on the ongoing management and development of the ASMIRT CPD program
• To advise on matters referred to it via the Board of Directors from AHPRA and MRPBA
• Act as a consultancy body for accreditation of new university programs
• Provide a conduit for information exchange with various state and professional committees
• Act as ASMIRT representatives for ad-hoc committees where relevant to educational standards as requested by the Board of Directors


• Regular exam review and development
• Initiate educational activities to enhance the professional development of members
• Certification of specialised areas via examination, portfolio submission or other methods as ascertained and accepted by the committee
• Adjudicate on educational or professional development scholarships or awards
• Adjudicate on the accreditation of Advanced Practitioners

The Research Advisory Committee will advise the Board of Directors on the research needs and initiatives of our professions, to ensure that the ASMIRT’s investment in research is designed and targeted appropriately. This will be achieved by operating in line with the ASMIRT vision and mission by supporting members in leading and conducting research, identifying opportunities for funding, disseminating research and building a culture of research within the profession/s.


•Determine the key research priorities of ASMIRT
• Encourage collaboration with key stakeholder groups (academia, health providers, industry & other professional bodies), focusing on developing opportunities for research
• Collaborate with ASMIRT Board and Committees
• Encourage international collaboration on research projects
• Increase number of Higher Degrees by Research completed by ASMIRT members
• Increase number of funded opportunities for research within ASMIRT membership
• Increase number of professionals leading and contributing to research in clinical practice
• Encourage research that leads to improvements in evidence based practice


• Provide the necessary framework for the ASMIRT research scholarships, including review and adjudication of submissions; and submission of recommendations to the Board of Directors
• Develop portfolio of documents and education related to research

The Professional Standards Advisory Committee will advise the Board of Directors matters pertaining to the Professional Standards of Medical Radiation Practitioners in Australia and to provide expert advice and feedback to the Board on emerging issues that have the potential to affect the professional standing and role of Medical Radiation Practitioners in Australia.


• To provide knowledge and expertise regarding Medical Radiation Practitioners and the Medical Radiation Sciences 
• To provide advice to the Board on matters of policy and formulation of Position statements regarding the practice of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy
• Provide a conduit for information exchange with state and professional committees Operational
• To maintain and review the Professional Practice Standards to ensure that they remain current
• To maintain contact and communication with Committees, Working parties and modality groups

The Membership and Advocacy Advisory Committee will advise the Board of Directors matters pertaining to membership and advocacy both within Australia and overseas.


• To provide advice to the Board on emerging issues that have the potential to affect the recruitment, maintenance and/or the support of members
• Provide a conduit for information exchange with the various stakeholders and professional communities with a focus on advocacy and membership


• To act as ASMIRT representative for ad-hoc committees where relevant to the profession when requested by the Board
• To provide ideas and strategies to the Board to increase membership and pursue advocacy opportunities for members
• To provides ideas and strategies to the board to increase membership satisfaction and engagement
• To assist and advise the Board to increase the public profile of the profession and ASMIRT

To contact the panels and committees, please email with your enquiry.