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Return to Clinical Practice: Re-Entry back into the Workforce

The section is applicable to all practitioners who have previously held a Validated Statement of Accreditation (previously named Statement of Accreditation) and wish to hold membership with the ASMIRT while undertaking a return to work programme.

If you have previously not held a Validated Statement of Accreditation, please contact esap@air.asn.au

All practitioners returning to work must be registered with the Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia (MRPBA) and should enquire about the MRPBA’s Return to Work Programme.

Step 1:

a)      Complete an Application for Provisional ASMIRT Membership (Stage 1)

Step 2:

a)      Complete your Return to Work Programme

Step 3:

a)      Complete the Application for Full Membership (Stage 2)  

The Educational and Standards Advisory Panel (ESAP) will assess your skills against the Professional Practice Standards For the Accredited Practitioner.


To be eligible to apply for (Stage 2) full ordinary membership after you complete your Return to Work Programme you must have been retrained in the following areas:

  1. General radiography
  2. Contrast media
  3. Routine ct
  4. Fluoroscopy
  5. Mobile radiography

Upon successful approval your Validated Statement of Accreditation will be reissued for a length of three years.