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RTAP position statement
Posted 16th February 2018

Please find a link to the latest RTAP position statement on Radiation Therapists completing diagnostic CT’s in a radiation therapy unit.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that ASMIRT’s Professional indemnity insurance will cover you in the event that you are working within your scope of practice.


Notice of AGM
Posted 14th February 2018

NOTICE is hereby given that the 69th Annual General Meeting of the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (the ‘Society’) will be held at the Canberra Convention Centre, Canberra, on Saturday 17 March 2018 commencing at 10.00am. Please see below the details of a number of important documents pertaining to the Annual General Meeting and the proposed revision of the Constitution.  These documents can all be accessed via the links below once you are logged in (Members Portal > Resources > Publications). Member username and password required.

  • Notice of Annual General Meeting <PDF link>
  • Proxy voting form <PDF link>
  • Proposed revised Constitution <PDF link>
  • Letter of explanation regarding the changes to the constitution <PDF link>
  • Annual report <PDF link>

Click here to view the PDF

If you experience any problems accessing the above documents, please contact info@asmirt.org for assistance.

Taking the 'Team' out of Team Radiology
Posted 5th February 2018

The recent position statement by RANZCR “Image interpretation by Radiographers – not the right solution” reflects a view that is internationally recognised as antiquated, uneconomic, and not reflective of the evidenced-based healthcare practice that our patients expect and that our government requires. It proposes in one fell swoop to take the Team out of Team Radiology.

ASMIRT will in time respond in full to the many incorrect assertions in RANZCR’s position statement which are protectionist, anachronistic, and places the radiologists at the centre of the radiology team. ASMIRT members prefer to place patients at the centre of the radiology team – and will continue to do so thus providing a safe, readily accessible and cost-effective service to our patients.

ASMIRT remains committed to its course of developing a national standard for a Preliminary Image Evaluation by radiographers as is required under the National Law as part of our scope of practice. As independently practising professionals we will continue to work to that scope of practice as mandated by MRPBA – the regulatory body. As we have on numerous occasions and do so again, we ask RANZCR to demonstrate its commitment to the radiology team by working together with us on this project.

First and foremost, RANZCR should withdraw this ill-conceived position statement which erodes any notion of a team approach in our medical imaging service.

Position statement: goo.gl/dpxVzd

Patrick Eastgate, President
Sally Kincaid, Chief Executive