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TGA review: Gadolinium-based contrast agents for MRI scans
Posted 31st July 2017

The TGA has reviewed recent information relating to the potential for small amounts of gadolinium to be retained in the brain, following use of gadolinium-based contrast agents during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans.

No harmful effects of gadolinium retention in the brain have been identified at this time, but the TGA is working with sponsors of these products to update their Product Information (PI) documents to reflect the new information.

Gadolinium-based contrast agents are injected into a patient's vein to enhance the quality of MRI scans of internal organs, blood vessels and tissues. MRI scans help health professionals to diagnose medical conditions. There are two types of gadolinium-based contrast agents - linear agents and macrocyclic agents.

Published studies have found that linear gadolinium-based contrast agents appear to result in greater gadolinium retention in the brain than macrocyclic agents (see below for references). The TGA will continue to monitor this issue and take further action if necessary.

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Improving patient safety an important motivation for personal development
Posted 27th July 2017
  Patrick Eastgate 

Our very own President Patrick Eastgate was recently profiled in the MRPBA newsletter discussing the scope of practice for radiographers and pushing the boundaries towards advanced practice. 

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Australian Clinical Dosimetry Service Oversight Committee: second newsletter
Posted 10th July 2017

The Australian Clinical Dosimetry Service (ACDS) Oversight Committee has published their second newsletter for the year detailing information on radiation therapy dosimetry auditing.

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Seeking recognition for Australian civilian health care personnel who served in Vietnam during the war at the request of the Australian Government
Posted 10th July 2017

As a memeber organisation of Allied Health Professionals Australia (AHPA) we have been asked to join the call that consideration be given to the awarding of Gold Cards to all surviving Australian nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, radiographers and laboratory technicians who volunteered and essentially worked as a civilian army in Vietnam from October 1964 to December 1972 during the Vietnam War.

To cast a vote go to: www.aph.gov.au/house/petitions, select “sign an e-petition”, select petition EN0269 and follow the instructions.

You must acknowledge the email confirmation you will receive to ensure that your vote has been registered – before 19 July 2017

Read full petition letter here.