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Expression of Interest - Radiation Therapy Advisory Panel (RTAP)
Posted 29th May 2017

Become a member of the Radiation Therapy Advisory Panel (RTAP)

An invitation is extended for one new member to apply to join the Radiation Therapy Advisory Panel (RTAP) of ASMIRT.

Click here for further details.

Posted 29th May 2017
  ASMIRT Building 

On Friday 26 May 2017 the current ASMIRT Secretariat building on 25 King Street in Melbourne was sold. After a month of inspections the building was put up for auction in front of a large crowd and sold to an owner occupier.

The historic building has been the Secretariat ‘home’ for seven years since it was purchased in 2010. The Secretariat will remain in the building until the settlement is complete with plans to purchase and move into a new ‘home’ in January 2018.

The sale of the building is a key part of the new strategic plan for ASMIRT with the vision to invest some of the funds released by the sale into a significant upgrade of the Society’s IT infrastructure such as the website and CPD portal. These elements are crucial to ensuring the Society remains relevant into the future.

Recent Violent Events in Manchester, UK
Posted 24th May 2017

The recent violent events in Manchester have resonated around the world.  It is hard to comprehend how something so heartless can occur, and the aftermath requires such strength and courage from those involved.  We extend our strongest support and sympathy to all those affected by this horrific act of violence, and to our colleagues and others who are working with the wounded and bereaved in the aftermath. 

Patrick Eastgate

ASMIRT President

Meditech ultrasound gel recall after reports of contamination
Posted 23rd May 2017

Consumers and health professionals are advised that TGA has received reports of patients being infected by contaminated Meditech ultrasound gel being used in intensive care and radiology units. The sponsor is undertaking a recall of all lots of the gel (recall number: RC-2017-RN-00631-1).

Health professionals and other users of this gel should cease use of this gel and source another product.

All State and Territory Health departments have been notified of this issue and are advising their hospitals to cease using the affected ultrasound gel. They are monitoring/treating patients who may have been exposed.

For further information click here.

Peak Imaging Coalition responds to Government's 2017/18 Budget
Posted 19th May 2017

As members of the Peak Imaging Coalition (PIC), ASMIRT is actively involved in advocating for our patients and members. A letter was sent to Minister Hunt highlighting two major issues the PIC see arising from the Government’s 2017/18 Budget.

The Quality Framework for Diagnostic Imaging

PIC expressed their disappointment in the exclusion of the Quality Framework for diagnostic imaging from the Budget and urged the need for this framework to be implemented as soon as possible.

The Quality Framework is a series of reforms aiming to promote safe, high-quality imaging services. The implementation of Phase 1 of the Quality Framework will ensure that there are minimum standards for clinical radiologist supervision when providing CT services as the cornerstone to safe and appropriate use of these services. This will also foster greater communication with patients and referring doctors, help ensure patients have the right test at the right time and reduce overuse and inappropriate investigation.

Indexation of imaging rebates

PIC is pleased to see some progress on indexation of certain imaging rebates announced in the Budget. Medicare rebates in the imaging sector have been frozen since 1998.

However, PIC were disappointed that indexation is not being implemented alongside GPs, as promised in the Turnbull Coalition’s election commitments negotiated with the Australian Diagnostic Imaging Association from last year. Another three years of frozen rebates will put further pressure on a sector that is already stretched thin and lead to further increases in gap payments for patients.

Furthermore, PIC were also disappointed that indexation was not applied to all diagnostic imaging rebates as has been committed to by the Turnbull Coalition prior to the election. The full range of diagnostic imaging services on the MBS is necessary to provide valuable, cost effective care for patients and needs to be funded fairly across the board.


PIC has invited Minister Hunt to attend the next face to face meeting of the group in November.

Victorian patients to receive needed treatment sooner
Posted 3rd May 2017

The Andrews Labor Government will give Victorian patients the treatment they need sooner, with a massive boost to front line hospital services, and yet another boost to elective surgery to drive down waiting lists.

The boost will support hospitals to admit 1.9 million patients, and treat 1.8 million patients in emergency this year, so that more Victorians will get the care they need, more quickly.

The Government's ambitious target of saving 100 000 lives from cancer in the next ten years is receiving a furtherboost, with a $12.8 million package to screen 45 000 more Victorians from breast, bowel and oral cancers.

Other key initiatives funded in the Victorian Budget 2017/18 include:

  • $215.0 million to overhaul quality and safety in the health system and drive down avoidable harm
  • $11.5 million to improve care for people with multiple and chronic conditions
  • $10 million for Better Care Victoria for the next funding round of its state-wide innovation fund
  • $2.9 million to tackle violence against health care workers and crackdown on workplace bullying
  • $2.5 million to undertake vital state-wide health infrastructure planning
  • $2 million for the Victorian Patient Transport Assistance Scheme to support more rural and regional Victorianswho are required to travel for specialist care with subsidised travel and accommodation
  • $1.3 million to expand the hepatitis B vaccination program and vaccinate an additional 10 000 Victorians

Read full list of media releases on Vic Health budget here.

Visit site here.

ASMIRT comments on DPCS Regulation Review
Posted 3rd May 2017

ASMIRT have submitted their recommendations on the Regulatory Impact Statement and the Proposed Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Regulations 2017.

There is no reference to some registered health practitioners (eg radiographers) who currently routinely administer IV contrast media (for example) on a daily basis. This practice is currently recognised in all state legislation. By not including radiographers in the latest draft an opportunity is being missed to provide a framework document that would provide excellent safeguard descriptions for prescribing, delivery, storage, and documentation as set out in Parts 7- 9 of the RIS. 

ASMIRT requests that radiographers be included in the scope of the regulations.

Read full recommondation here.