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ASMIRT Position statement: Urgent need to regulate Sonographers in Australia
Posted 21st December 2016

A NSW court case this week has highlighted the need for urgent review of professional registration for all medical Sonographers working in Australia.

ASUM and ASA have released a media release detailing the case. Full media release can be found on the ASA website here.

As the peak body representing medical radiation practitioners in Australia, ASMIRT fully supports ASUM and ASA’s call for the urgent need to regulate Sonographers in Australia to assure patient safety. Sonography is not currently a regulated profession in Australia.  

Paul Gloster
Acting Chief Executive (on behalf of the ASMIRT Board of Directors)
execoff@asmirt.org / 03 9419 3336

ASMIRT National Office - Christmas/New Year Opening Hours 2016
Posted 19th December 2016

The ASMIRT national office will close on Friday 23 December and reopen for normal business on Tuesday 3 January 2016.

Fax, voicemail and email messages communicated to the office during the course of the holiday break will be responded to in early January.

Best wishes from the team at the ASMIRT.

ASMIRT POSITION STATEMENT: Queensland Parliamentary Committee's inquiry into the performance of the Queensland Health Ombudsman's (OHO) functions
Posted 16th December 2016

The Board of Directors of ASMIRT concurs with the National Board’s submission (available via the link below) in relation to the Queensland Parliamentary enquiry and the various significant issues and concerns raised.  The principal concern being the risks posed to patients by a dangerous practitioner being allowed to continue to practice longer than they would otherwise be able to and resulting from the 2-phase complaints-handling process and the inherent double-handling.

Whilst registering their additional concern regarding all of these matters, the Board of Directors (ASMIRT) notes that similar issues exist in the state of NSW.


The Board of Directors of ASMIRT has written jointly to the Office of the Queensland Health Ombudsman in relation to the position in QLD as well as to the National Board’s Office - AHPRA in relation to the concerns regarding both QLD and the State of NSW.

Paul Gloster
Acting Chief Executive (on behalf of the ASMIRT Board of Directors)
execoff@asmirt.org / tel: 03 9419 3336

Important Information Regarding Membership and VSOA
Posted 14th December 2016

From 1 January 2017 the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy will no longer be issuing a Validated Statement of Accreditation.

Members who currently hold a Validated Statement of Accreditation will transition to a Certificate of Compliance. Those members in the current CPD triennium that have met the CPD requirements will automatically be rolled over into a new triennium with a new Certificate of Compliance.

Certificates are now accessible online through the member’s portal – CPD – Certificates.

Successful completion of the CPD program
Successful completion of the CPD program requires a participant to claim a minimum of 150 credits over the triennial period, with a minimum of 25 credits in any one year of the cycle, with the credits claimed from a minimum of six of the nine CPD categories. 

To maintain membership of ASMIRT and its associated benefits, all members with the exception of Student, Retired, Associate and Life members, are required to successfully complete the CPD program.  CPD credit claims can be made either by the online lodgement program or via the submission of a manual log.  

Membership in 2017
From the 1st January 2017, anyone who is not currently a member and is seeking any category of membership for the first time (excluding students) will be charged an entrance fee and the respective membership fee. Existing members will not be charged this entrance fee.

During the first 12 months of new membership a limited number of membership benefits will be available to all new members. The full range of membership benefits will automatically be available to those members who have held continuous membership for greater than 12 months when membership is renewed.












Candidates wishing to sit for certification examinations who have held professional membership for a continuous period of 12 months and have renewed, will be entitled to sit a certification examination at the member rate. If you have held membership for LESS than 12 continuous months, you will be required to pay the non- members- rate.

Non Members
Anyone seeking entry into the CPD only program will also be charged an entrance fee of $200 in addition to their $215 membership fee. This includes those who are corporate sponsored members.

Medical Radiation Practitioners who wish to maintain their Certificate of Compliance, who are not members of ASMIRT will need to: 

·   Be enrolled in the non member CPD program and be regularly lodging credits to fulfil the requirements for successful completion of the ASMIRT CPD program. CPD credit claims can be made either by the online lodgement program or via the submission of a manual log,


·  Pay the $625.00 CPD assessment fee to have your CPD activities over past three years assessed to ensure that your portfolio content is equivalent to ASMIRT CPD program requirements,


·  Be sponsored in the ASMIRT CPD program by your employer as part of the corporate sponsorship program and meet the requirements for successful completion of the CPD program,


·  Become a member of ASMIRT. Amongst many benefits of membership such as professional indemnity insurance, members are also enrolled in the CPD program. When a person becomes a new member of the ASMIRT, they will be placed on a 12 month wait period and issued a Certificate of Compliance on the conclusion of 12 months and successful CPD lodgement of 50 credits.

Medical Radiation Practitioners whether a member or CPD only member who have satisfied the requirements of the ASMIRT CPD program will be issued with a current Certificate of Compliance valid for a period of three years, acknowledging the process of lifelong learning. 

Why a Certificate of Compliance?
As described above a Certificate of Compliance replaces the Validated Statement of Accreditation and indicates to employers and the public that the holder participates in lifelong learning and commits to the highest standards of professional practice. CPD is a process through which Medical Radiation Practitioners maintain and develop skills to ensure that they retain their competence to practice safely, effectively and legally within their evolving scope of practice.  

What happens in subsequent years?
Each year as a triennium cycle concludes, Medical Radiation Practitioners who:

· hold a Certificate of Compliance expiring that year

· have successfully completed CPD in accordance with ASMIRT program requirements

· are Members of ASMIRT, or
  are enrolled in the ASMIRT CPD program under non-Member provisions, or
  are enrolled in the ASMIRT CPD program under an Employer Sponsorship agreement, or
are not enrolled in the ASMIRT program, upon payment of a CPD Assessment Fee,

will be issued with a renewed Certificate of Compliance. 

Essentially, as the CPD programs continue to cycle through the years, each expiring group gaining their Certificate of Compliance must provide the CPD evidence to support renewal. 

Copies of Spectrum & JMRS
ASMIRT National Office - Closed afternoon of Friday 16 Dec
Posted 12th December 2016

The ASMIRT National Office will be closed on Friday 16 December from 12.30pm for our staff Christmas lunch. Any queries will be responded to on Monday 19 December 2016.

Become a healthcare volunteer at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games
Posted 5th December 2016

Commonwealth Games

From 4–15 April 2018, more than 6,600 athletes and team officials from 70 Commonwealth nations and territories will come to Australia to share in the excitement of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Volunteer your skills and be part of the medical and health professional team required to deliver safe, appropriate healthcare for athletes, officials, workforce and spectators throughout the Games period. 

The Commonwealth Games will provide a wide range of opportunities to build networks and to develop sports and emergency medicine skills.

Go online to pre-register your interest as a medical volunteer at www.gc2018.com/take-part/volunteering or visit the website for more information www.gc2018.com/

View some testimonial from past volunteers here.