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Student Membership Notice
Posted 25th November 2016

With the end of your course in sight, you are no doubt busily preparing for 2017 and your entrance into our profession. On that list, no doubt, is continuing or commencing as a member of our professional body and this message contains some information about that process, outlining exactly what you need to do.

For those of you that are current student members of ASMIRT, thank you for your support! To transition to a provisional or professional member of ASMIRT, you will be receiving renewal notices via email to upgrade and continue on with provisional or professional membership . Please ensure that you have your current email address listed in the members area. As a transitioning student member, you will avoid a joining fee next year. 

For those of you that wish to commence as new members of ASMIRT in 2017, we recommend that you join now as student members to avoid an entrance fee next year. If you join as a student member now for $55 (incl GST), you will then avoid the joining fee in January 2017. If you choose to join as a student member now, you will also receive renewal notices via email to upgrade and continue on with provisional or professional membership.

Further information will be released on the website shortly.

If you have any questions, please email through your comments.

Welcome to our profession.


ASMIRT Membership team

NSW Branch Student Award Winners
Posted 9th November 2016

It is a pleasure to announce that Elinor McKinnell and Sarah Radwan are the recipients of the 2016 NSW ASMIRT Branch Student Award. The two winners receive a 12 month membership to ASMIRT.   

Nominees were required to submit a response to the following question, “Thinking back to your time on student placements, think of someone you looked up to as a true professional. What characteristics of the person gave you that impression? Where do you see yourself on the development pathway towards being like them?”

Benita Kirkpatrick, NSW Branch Secretary

View the winning responses here:

Elinor McKinnell Response

Sarah Radwan Response

Implementation of the New ASMIRT Email Addresses and Website Domain Name (www.asmirt.org)
Posted 6th November 2016


The Society has recently implemented new email and web address domain names to reflect the ASMIRT name change, adopted earlier this year. This is a continuation of the process of the rollout of the ASMIRT name and branding.

The ASMIRT web address/domain has now changed from www.air.asn.au to www.asmirt.org.  Similarly, ASMIRT email addresses have also changed to reflect the new name. For example - info@air.asn.au has changed to info@asmirt.org. This change applies to all ASMIRT internal and staff email addresses, whereby the addresses remain the same, bar for the domain switch from *@air.asn.au to *@asmirt.org.  For reasons of practicality and continuity, email messages addressed according to the old format (*@air.asn.au) will continue to reach their intended destination/recipient but please be aware that you will need to update your records and address list etc. in due course.   Similarly, keying the former/old web address www.air.asn.au will now take you to the Society’s website at the new address of www.asmirt.org.

Important Note: access to the Secure Members Area is now exclusively via the following login address: https://members.asmirt.org

The process of transition and migration has been largely seamless (for the reasons outlined above), bar for some limited and isolated issues in relation to access to the events registration system.  If you do experience any issues with any links or emails please contact us via phone (03 9419 3336) or email (info@asmirt.org) so that we can work to resolve any other residual matters swiftly.