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The ASMIRT offices will be closed Monday 31 October - 1 November
Posted 28th October 2016

ASMIRT logoThe ASMIRT offices will be closed between  Monday 31 October and Tuesday 1 November due to the Melbourne Cup long weekend.

Online cultural orientation plan for health professionals
Posted 19th October 2016

The Western Australian Centre for Rural Health (WACRH) has developed an online learning course to help deepen the understanding of Aboriginal cultural values and promote culturally secure health practice. It aims to help you deepen your understanding of Aboriginal cultural values, beliefs and practices and subsequently enhance your delivery of culturally appropriate health services. It consists of five self-directed learning modules: culture, self and diversity, Aboriginal history, working with Aboriginal people, providing clinical services and improving cultural security.

The package includes learning activities, quizzes and a professional development plan. It is designed to assist you to reflect on each completed module whilst promoting opportunities for further learning. You are encouraged to also complete or attend your local cultural orientation and education programs.

This project was generously funded by Disability Services Commission and WA Country Health Service, and undertaken by the Combined Universities Centre for Rural Health (CUCRH).

For more information click here or to start the course now click here.

ASMIRT announces new Insurance broker for member coverage
Posted 18th October 2016
  bms logo    asmirt logo

We are pleased to announce that BMS Risk Solutions Pty Ltd (BMS) is ASMIRT’s new and exclusive insurance broker for all member policies. This change supports ASMIRT’s ongoing strategy of providing the most comprehensive and exclusive liability coverage to members.

In making this change, ASMIRT members will experience significant benefits, including increased value and improved services. Members participating in the insurance program will benefit from additional practice risk resources and significantly enhanced customer service.

The switch in brokers represents no change in coverage or cost to ASMIRT members.

To learn more about the change and BMS www.asmirt.bmsgroup.com and www.bmsgroup.com

For more information, please contact BMS at asmirt@bmsgroup.com or on 1800 940 761

The ASMIRT offices will be closed for a staff meeting between 14:30-15:30 Monday 17 October
Posted 13th October 2016

ASMIRT logoThe ASMIRT offices will be closed between 14:30-15:30 Monday 17 October due to a staff meeting.