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New CPD Cycle Open
Posted 31st January 2014

Those individuals who have met the requirements of the CPD/VSoA triennium which concluded on 31 December 2013 are now able to submit CPD claims for the 2014 - 2016 triennium.

Please note that as appellation requests are being reviewed and processed, some appellation numbers will not be available for selection at present.

We appreciate your patience as these are uploaded into the system.

New electronic copies of Validated Statement’s of Accreditation are now available via the secure login portal, under the CPD section – “Online VSoA”.

Paper copies of revalidated accreditation certificates will not be posted by default, however the most current certificate will always be available electronically via your secure login.

If you do require a paper copy of your current accreditation certificate, please email vsoa@air.asn.au and we will be happy to post a certificate out to you.

CPD Audit for Triennium concluding 2013
Posted 13th January 2014

As the most recent CPD triennium concluded on 31 December 2013, a random audit of the credit claims submitted by 10% of participants will be conducted shortly. Audit candidates will be sent letters and copies of their CPD records from 6 January 2014 for this CPD cycle.

If your letters show zero CPD credits, it is your responsibility to send in a manual/electronic CPD activity log along with corresponding supporting evidence.

The audit process, with its implicit requirements of evidence to support all credit claims, ensures that the rules are applied wholly and fairly in every case.

As the selection of participants for an audit is a random process, there could be instances where you are audited in successive years. Please note that CPD is a requirement of being an AHPRA registered practitioner. As a participant in the AIR CPD programme, it is a requirement and responsibility to submit your evidence for review and assessment.

This auditing process will also assist in demonstrating to the National Board that the standards of the profession are of high quality.

Thank you to those members who have already submitted their evidence for review.

Once your audit documentation has been reviewed and validated, you will be sent written confirmation (via email) of your successful completion of the audit to your listed email address in the Member’s Profile.

Online CPD Submissions - Late December 2013/Early January 2014 & CPD/VSoA Triennium Ending 31 December 2013
Posted 7th January 2014

Dear Members/CPD Non-Members

The CPD Cycle 20 expired on 31 December 2013. As with the end of all large CPD triennium cycles, there has been an intense degree of activity surrounding CPD submissions in the closing days of the year ending December 2013. The volume of activity and member/CPD non-member access peaked to such a level that it initiated a webserver slow down which caused member login difficulties, resulting in many members finding themselves unable to gain access to the online CPD submission portal. We apologize that this occurred. Compounding the problem in the first six days of 2014, a technical glitch in our database effectively denied member/CPD non-member access to the online CPD portal. The cause of this problem has now been identified and fully corrected. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Members/CPD Non-Members are encouraged to continue to insert their CPD entries via the online portal https://members.air.asn.au (username & password required) on a regular and timely basis rather than waiting until the very last moment. Not only will this avoid overloading the system but it also ensures that all your CPD is recorded while it is fresh in your mind. Those individuals whose CPD/VSoA triennium concluded on 31 December 2013 are encouraged to submit any final CPD claims for this triennium before the triennium is rolled over to the new cycle at the end of January 2014.

Whilst the CPD Department remains very busy at this time of year, members/CPD non-members with any questions or concerns are encouraged to contact the office via the following means, email: helpcpd@air.asn.au or telephone: 03 9419 3336. Again, due to the very high number of enquiries at this busy time, please excuse any delays in response to email enquiries.