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AIR Submissions to MRPBA
Posted 24th July 2013

Supervised Practice Guidelines

The AIR has recently responded to the draft supervised practice guidelines for the medical radiation practice profession as proposed by the Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia (MRPBA).

The AIR's full submission is available to read here.

Professional Capabilities for Medical Radiation Practice

The AIR has also responded to the draft entry-level professional capabilities for the three divisions of the medical radiation practice profession as proposed by the MRPBA. 

To read the full submission, click here.

Changes to NPDP and SPP
Posted 12th July 2013

Changes to the AIR's NPDP and AHPRA's SPP

Recently there have been some minor changes within AHPRA’s Supervised Practice Programme (SPP) and the AIR’s National Professional Development Programme (NPDP).

AHPRA have now stipulated that all graduates completing the Supervised Practice Programme are able to be signed off by the AIR at the successful completion of their 48 weeks. This means graduates are eligible for general registration without providing their English and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements to the AIR (keeping in mind that AHPRA have their own English requirement).

With this being said those who enrolled to complete the AIR NPDP program and wish to remain or become a financial member or non-member CPD participant will need to fulfill additional requirements of the AIR’s NPDP. These additional requirements are English and CPD.

For more information on the two programs, please read our NPDP and SPP Update July 2013 or visit our NPDP Update section.

Interprofessional Practice Survey
Posted 10th July 2013

Interprofessional practice is an important part of providing high quality health care – but is this currently being adopted across the MRS profession?

Help us establish what’s happening by completing this survey for Radiation Therapists, Radiographers / Medical Imaging Technologists, Sonographers or Nuclear Medicine Technologists – we’d appreciate it if you could spare 10-15 minutes by 31 October 2013.

This survey is part of a research project being conducted by RMIT University.