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Your Guide to PI Insurance
Posted 30th March 2012


Your guide to PI insurance - From Guild Insurance

Having to defend a legal claim against you as a Radiographer or Radiation Therapist can be highly stressful; it is not only a threat to your assets, but to your reputation. That’s why the Australian Institute of Radiography (AIR) believes it’s important to have the right protection and that starts with the right insurance cover.

Why do I need professional indemnity cover?

Professional indemnity (PI) insurance plays an essential role in your protection from the risk of legal claims, covering your defense costs and the costs of a settlement award if you are found negligent. Your insurance also gives you access to quality legal representation and advice for managing incidents and complaints.  PI Insurance is automatically part of your membership of the AIR, and now with national registration the government through the Medical Radiations Practice Board of Australia (MRPBA) has made PI a mandatory requirement of registration.

What insurance do I have as a member of the AIR?

As part of your membership with the (AIR), you are covered under the Medical Radiation Professionals Liabilities Insurance from Guild Insurance.

In consultation with the AIR, Guild Insurance provides a tailored insurance for radiographers to meet the long-term protection needs of members. We provide a combined liabilities insurance that provides professional indemnity, public liability and products liability cover, all under the one policy. The cover has an indemnity limit of $10 million and includes cover for:

  • Breach of professional duty

  • Libel and slander and wrongful arrest

  • Trade Practices Act and Fair Trading Acts

  • Legal expenses for inquiries and proceedings up to $100,000

Importantly, the AIR policy works on a ‘claims made’ basis meaning that cover is provided according to the date a claim is made, rather than when the incident occurred. With our retroactive cover, this means that you have current cover for claims resulting from past practice, events of which you aren’t yet aware of.

The AIR policy provides, unlimited ‘run-off’ cover, which means that even in retirement, you are still covered. 

We urge you to check what other organisations, or your employer offers. If you have to remain a member of that organisation once you are no longer working, just so you can have retrospective cover is not the same as the AIR’s policy.  Some employers will only cover you when you are working and fully compliant with all and every company policy, that is not unlimited ‘run-off cover’.

What do I need to be aware of with my PI insurance?

An important aspect of a ‘claims made’ insurance policy is that incidents must be reported once they become known. There may be a general tendency for people to avoid reporting incidents to their insurer, however, there are no penalties incurred for claims or notifications. When you report an incident you benefit from our support in managing the incident and meet the obligations of your cover.

What happens if an incident occurs?

If you do ever find yourself in a position where you need to report an incident or make a claim you can always contact Guild Insurance on 1800 810 213.  Where required your call will be immediately referred to Guild Lawyers for legal advice, as well as professional and practical guidance.

Queensland Branch - Notice of Motion 2012 AGM
Posted 23rd March 2012


Notice of Motion - 2012 AGM

  1. that the AIR continually gather and update data on student numbers at each university and graduate numbers retrospectively from the start of calendar year 2010 and prospectively from this year (2012). This information should be published annually in time for each AIR AGM.
  2. that the AIR use its current role as Accrediting Authority to establish national accreditation of student clinical centres. 
  3. that the AIR develop a media strategy for articulating concern about the University funding models which incentivises universities to be supply driven rather than meeting actual market demand.
MRPBA Sessions Explained
Posted 7th March 2012


Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia - Information Sessions Explained

The AIR has received a great many enquiries from members who have attended information sessions and found that they were still unclear about aspects of the information they have received and so in this item we will provide some of the answers to commonly asked questions.

I. AHPRA Application Form – Item 13 on page 7 which states: “Where you hold current or previous registration within or outside of Australia, including any health professions not yet part of the National Scheme, you must arrange for original Certificates of Registration Status or Certificates of Good Standing to be forwarded directly from the registration authority to your AHPRA state office”.  Members have requested that the AIR forward relevant documentation to AHPRA. There are two points we need to make here;

  1. This specifically refers to registration with registration authorities within or outside of Australia and as such, members will need to direct their request to any relevant Registration bodies with whom you have held registration.  The AIR is a professional membership body, not a registration authority and as such Item 13 does not apply to us although we can provide you with a Letter of Good Standing in relation to membership of the AIR.
  2. We would be unable to forward on your behalf any documents as the Medical Registration Board of Australia has advised us that they will not accept document other than directly from the applicant or transitional information from another registration board.

II. Professional Indemnity Insurance.  We are asked if the MRPBA will provide PI Insurance?.  No they will not, they require registrants to have PI Insurance.  The Guild Policy provided as part of professional membership of the AIR meets all the requirements of the MRPBA including unlimited run off

III. Continuing Professional Development.  We are advised that the MRPBA will apparently provide CPD to registrants.  This would appear to be a misunderstanding – they are merely accounting for CPD undertaken by registrants on an hourly basis and the AIR CPD programme will be submitted for approval as a recognised programme.  You will need to continue to log your points with the CPD programme which you currently undertake.

Members seeking detailed information in relation to the Insurance provided to members can access the AIR Members' Area where further information is available:

https://member.air.asn.au (member username and password required) – Location: Resources/Member Support/Insurance

63rd AIR Annual General Meeting
Posted 5th March 2012




NOTICE is hereby given that the 63rd Annual General Meeting of the Australian Institute of Radiography will be held at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, New South Wales commencing at 2:15pm Saturday 21st April 2012.


Ordinary Business:

  1. To receive and confirm the Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting.
  2. To receive the President’s report on behalf of the Board for the year ended 31/10/11
  3. To receive the audited financial report of the Institute for the year ended 31/10/11 together with the Directors’ report and the Independent audit report thereon
  4. To declare the result of the election of the Board of Directors for the ensuing year.
  5. To declare the result of the election of State Branch Committees.
  6. Notice of Motion

By order of the Board
David Collier
Chief Executive

Proxy Vote - Form is Available from the AIR Members' Area Resources/Publications Section (username and password required)