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AHPRA Communique November 2011
Posted 24th November 2011

Please click here to access information from fifth meeting of the Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia.

Varian Award 2012
Posted 22nd November 2011



2012 Varian Award for Achievement for Radiation Therapists

Varian Medical Systems are the generous sponsors of the prestigious Varian Award, which is presented annually to a Radiation Therapist who has contributed significantly to their profession.

The Award consists of a commemorative plaque and a monetary Travel Award. Radiation therapists who have been a member of the AIR for a minimum of 5 years are eligible. A candidate may be nominated by others or choose to self-nominate.

Nominations close: 1 March 2012

Please post or fax or scan/email the nomination to:


Australian Institute of Radiography, PO Box 16234, Collins Street West, VIC 8007
Email: info@air.asn.au / Fax: 03 9416 0783

Further information is available here.

Click here to access the nomination form.

NRRTW - 2011
Posted 7th November 2011


National Radiographers and Radiation Therapists Week (NRRTW)

Monday 7th to Friday 11th November 2011

President’s Message

World Radiography Day, November 8th, falls this year on a Tuesday, early in a week of celebrations to mark National Radiographers and Radiation Therapists Week.

This date specifically celebrates the Friday in 1895 when Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (Roentgen is the anglicised spelling), working at the University of Wurzburg, ‘accidentally’ discovered X-rays.  Meticulous and thorough, Roentgen was in the process of setting up an experiment, using a shrouded Crookes-Hittorf vacuum discharge tube, to investigate the nature of the light emanating from the discharge, when he noted small scintillations from a barium platinocyanide coated card sitting on a bench at some distance from the tube.  While others were performing similar experiments at the time, it was only Roentgen who had assembled all the necessary paraphernalia in one place at one time and would have made the discovery conclusively, rather than accidentally, only minutes later.  His farsighted conclusions in that one brief moment led him to return to the laboratory throughout that weekend and to continue his work in secrecy, investigating the miraculous properties of the rays that were clearly emanating through the shroud.

Within those first few days, Roentgen fleetingly witnessed a radiograph of the bones of his own hand as, testing the penetration of various materials, he passed a piece of lead through the rays and 2 weeks later he produced the now famous first recorded radiograph of his wife’s hand……….and the future of his remarkable discovery was beginning to reveal itself.

His first original paper, "Über eine neue Art von Strahlen” (On A New Kind Of Rays), was published 50 days later on 28 December 1895 and, while many countries to this day still refer to “the Roentgen rays”, Roentgen himself, because of a penchant for algebra, always preferred to use the term X-rays, because he discovered them as an unknown quantum.

At this time, the week of celebration is designed to raise awareness of radiographic imaging and therapy, functions which may be taken for granted in the modern world, but in Roentgen’s day were nothing short of miraculous.  We to should be constantly proud that we continue to provide our patients with a service that is almost magical in its expanding abilities to lead and guide medical care by providing a view into the mysteries within the human body and to reach into that body to attack disease.  It is an opportunity to unequivocally promote awareness of our unique skills and of our irreplaceable profession, a time in which we should invite the rest of the world to recognise and celebrate that Roentgen’s legacy, and our resultant knowledge, skills and care are an essential part of modern life.

So now is the time to think on your display and how you are going to share the message with all the people - doctors, patients and public who come and go through your departments.

Be proud, celebrate our history and love what you do!

Bruce Harvey
President AIR

Posted 1st November 2011

Contest now extended to 31 December 2012