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Medical Imaging Assistants - Policy Statement
Posted 7th October 2008

There is an array of non-radiographic tasks that could be undertaken by skilled, intelligent and responsible assistants in Medical Imaging departments.  In fact these functions are already in place in many departments across the country, undertaken by graduate Radiographers or other well prepared and carefully supervised individuals, such as Nurses and higher functioning Patient Service Attendants, working to strict prepared protocols.

However, experience has shown that some of the described range of tasks, such as preparation of contrast medium injections and interviewing patients with respect to procedural safety, carry significant risks and responsibilities and, in fact, the Australian Institute of Radiography (AIR) believes that these same responsibilities must always rest, finally and specifically, with the Radiographer and/or the Radiologist.  They cannot be safely designated in absentia to an assistant.

The AIR supports the concept of Medical Imaging Assistants, but only for safe and non-radiographic tasks, and always in the immediate physical presence of a fully qualified graduate Radiographer.

Important Information Regarding Validated Statements of Accreditation
Posted 1st October 2008

From 2005 the Australian Institute of Radiography (AIR) began issuing a Validated Statement of Accreditation as the professional award. A validated Statement of Accreditation (VSoA) is one that bears an expiry date.

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