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MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MRI Level 1 Certification

Comprises a theoretical (Part A) and a clinical component (Part B)

(Part A) - Undertake Certification Examination

(Part B) - Clinical Component 

MRI certification is available at two levels, Level 1 and Level 2.  The two levels denote the experience level of the applicant.  Level 1 must be undertaken before Level 2. A MRS practitioner can remain a Level 1 certified MRI practitioner and does not have to proceed to Level 2

Additional information is available in the Medical Imaging Advisory Panel 1 (MIAP1) Policies and Procedures Manual

To assist with study for the examination a MRS Course Syllabus is available to ASMIRT financial members at all times via the ASMIRT portal and for exam candidates that are ASMIRT CPD members and non ASMIRT members 6 weeks prior to the exam


  MRI Certification Pathway
  MRI_FlowChart_April_2017 (cms_files/05_Accreditation/mri/MRI_FlowChart_April_2017.png)
 *  ASMIRT Financial Members New are in their first year of Professional membership and enjoy limited benefits.  
** ASMIRT Financial Members Full have been members for more than 12 months and enjoy full benefits
*** ASMIRT CPD Members are enrolled in ASMIRT’s CPD program
**** Non ASMIRT Members are candidates who do not hold any category of membership with ASMIRT.

Not a financial Member, Apply now!

MRI Examination

Proposed date for next exam is Saturday 12th May 2018. Information will be available closer to the time.

MRI Intermediate Examination - Applications for the September 2017 examinations have now closed.

Supervisor Declaration Form - Applications for the September 2017 examinations have now closed.

MRI Level 1 - September 2017 Examination Pass List - Available Here.

MRI Level 1 Certification

MRI Level 1 Certification - Application form

MRI Level 1 Certification - Renewal Application Form

MRI Certification Time Extension Application Form 

Replacement Certificate - Application form


MRI Level 2 Certification

MRI Level 2 Certification - Application Form

MRI Level 2 Certification - Renewal Application Form

The Medical Imaging Advisory Panel 1 (MIAP1) have been developing a new form that will accelerate and simplify the process for certification approvals.

The new form is undergoing a pilot testing phase. Once approved by the MIAP1, it will be uploaded to the website.

I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but thank you for your patience and understanding.  



MRI Course Syllabus -  NEW 3/7/17

Policies and Procedures Manual (Updated)


All documents listed are published in PDF format. Pdf (cms_files/images/pdf.gif)

Updated 2017-04-04