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Cardiac and Vascular Angiography Certification

Comprises a theoretical (Part A) and a clinical component (Part B)

(Part A) - Undertake Certification Examination 

(Part B) - Clinical Component 

Additional information is available in the Medical Imaging Advisory Panel 1 (MIAP1) Cardiac OR Vascular Policies and Procedures Manual

To assist with study for the examination the respective Course Syllabus is available to ASMIRT financial members at all times via the ASMIRT portal and for exam candidates that are ASMIRT CPD members and non ASMIRT members 6 weeks prior to the exam


  Angio Chart

* ASMIRT Financial Members New are in their first year of Professional membership and enjoy limited benefits. 
**ASMIRT Financial Members Full have been members for more than 12 months and enjoy full benefits
*** ASMIRT CPD Members are enrolled in ASMIRT’s CPD program 
****Non ASMIRT Members are candidates who do not hold any category of membership with ASMIRT.


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Angiography Examination

Proposed date for next exam is Saturday 12.th May 2018. Information will be available closer to the time

Angiography Cardiac Examination - September 2017Pass list available here.

Angiography Vascular Examination - September 2017Pass list available here.

Supervisor Declaration Form - Applications for the September 2017 examinations have now closed.


Angiography Certification

Angiography (Cardiac) Level 1 Certification - Application form

Angiography (Vascular) Level 1 Certification - Application form

Replacement Certificate - Application form


Cardiac Angiography Policies and Procedures Manual 

Vascular Angiography Policies and Procedures Manual 

Cardiac Angiography Study Guide (Members Area/Publications/Study Guides)

Vascular Angiography Study Guide (Members Area/Publications/Study Guides)

All documents listed are published in PDF format. Pdf (cms_files/images/pdf.gif)

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